Secret Quotation Competition


Listen to Birds of Geek 38


Well, it’s been hinted on the UK Comics Podcasts for the past few weeks, and without further ado, Secret Quotation is finally here!

What Is Secret Quotation?
Well, it’s a UK Comics Podcast Group-wide competition, that’s what! 

What Can I Win?
So far, the prize kitty includes a Wisdom trade, an assortment of Virgin trades, Noble Causes V1 & V2, a signed City of Heroes book, Gloom Cookie trade, some signed Jamie Smart stuff (to be confirmed), and various floppies!

How Do I Enter?
As this competition is UKCPG-wide, you’ll need to listen to all 5 of the Secret Quotation episodes; Comic Racks 18, Quiet! Panelologists At Work 45, Geek Syndicate 90, Birds of Geek 38 and Comic Book Outsiders 22. Within each of these episodes is one quote from the same comic book related film. Your job is to guess the film, collect all five quotes, and send your answers in an email to . You have to the end of August to enter, and the winner will be announced early September.

Where Do I Get These Episodes?
Follow the links when they become available:

Comic Racks SQ Episode 18

Birds of Geek Episode 38 (Not yet Available)

Comic Book Outsiders Episode 22 

QPAW Episode 45 

Geek Syndicate Episode 90 

Keep checking this page for updates with new episode links and prize updates as and when the episodes come out/prizes get confirmed. 

Good luck!


Comic Racks Episode 18 – Secret Quotation – We are Awesome


After the weeks of waiting, we finally reveal the mystery behind Secret Quotation. Keep an ear out in this episode for the Comic Racks portion of our UK Comics Podcast Group-wide competition! To be in with a chance of winning awesome prizes such as Noble Causes V1 & 2, an assortment of Virgin trades, a Wisdom trade and other splendid stuff to be announced, all you have to do is find the comic movie quote embedded within this episode, identify the film, then find the quotes from the same film in the other UK podcasts; Geek Syndicate (Episode 90), Quiet! Panelolgists At Work (Episode 45), Comic Book Outsiders (to be announced) and Birds Of Geek (to be announced). You have until the end of August to send your email containing your name, the title of the film, and all five secret quotations to Good luck!

Anyhoo, on with the show! In this accidentally long episode, the girls tackle the topic of comic book movies, announcing some of their favourites, some of their, ahem, not-so-favourites, some they haven’t seen yet but would like to see, and some upcoming movies that have them squirming in their seats with anticipation!

On top of this comes all the regular bumph; Stace discusses her Things To Do Before She’s 30 achievements, Iz warms to Guitar Hero 3 now she isn’t getting booed off stage and both girls get excited at all the Rack-related news! Well, wouldn’t you get excited at the prospect of interviewing Paul Cornell, having Jamie Smart on the show and being in a comic?? Thought so 😉

During the reviews, the Ladies of the Racks unite in their enjoyment of The Uniques #1 and 2, continue their squabbling over whether the art in Wolverine Origins really is any good, Stace dispairs at her lack of memory during the reading of Final Crisis #2, and Iz travels down Memory Lane by picking up the Dandy!

All this and The Donnas and Weezer sound too good to be true? Well, it is true, so get to the listening! 😛


Direct Download: Episode 18

Geek Syndicate Episode 89



Welcome to our penultimate episode before we head off for a short summer break. So without further ado let’s hit the world of geekdom with a good old right hook!


The Return of Artemis Fowl.

30 Days of Nights’s follow up web series.

Primeval roars into the U.S.

Clone Wars backstory revelations.

David Monteith vs Buzz Aldrin and NASA.

Geek Syndicate’s nemesis EPOCH rears it’s head once again.

Back in time at the Bristol Comic Convention

Liam Sharp of MAMTOR! (pronounced MAMTOOOOOOOR!)

Notes from Nuge and Max the Cat

Indy 4 (A young hero on the rise).

Week that Was

Four feet from a rat (Comic from MAMTOR).

Delve into the world of Paranormal State (TV).

Gotham Knight (DVD).

Main feature

Journey back with the guys to 1999 when the world was at the brink of the apocalypse. They look at some of the movies and tv that were out in that year.



Direct Download: Episode 89

Geek Syndicate – Episode 88

What, nearly two hours of GS fun you say? In this special extended edition the guys pack in a shed load of news, shoutouts and reviews.

In the main feature the guys interview Rob Williams, the writer of the new Indiana Jones Comic, Indiana Jones and the Tomb of the Gods from Dark Horse.

Supes to return again with a new director?
Exterminators comic crawls onto a tv screen near you soon.
Tony Stark to play Sherlock Holmes?

Notes from Nuge

Adventures with ‘The Phantom’

Week that was

Batman: Murder at Wayne manor.
The Lost Journal of Indiana Jones.
The Twelve – issue 6
Kung Fu Panda
Lone Wolf and Cub – last issue.
Metal Gear Solid 4
Review of new BBC series ‘Bonekickers’


Interview with Rob Williams, writer of the new Dark comic Indiana Jones and the Tomb of the Gods.

Direct Download: Episode 88

Comic Racks Episode 17 – The One With All The Tangents


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls (go away, you innocent children shouldn’t be hearing this kind of language!), welcome to Episode 17 of Comic Racks; the episode where no-one can stay on topic!

That’s right, it’s Tangent City this episode as Stacey gets hyper on who knows what and Iz, still recovering from concussion, has to deal with that level of craziness.

The girls cover highly important topics this fortnight, from the origins of The Cheeky Girls, to Stacey’s Mr’s giant birthday list, to whether Daniel Craig is a pouty woman or not, plus lots more in between.

But fear not, my comic loving friends, for the girls do get their comic on and bust out a load of reviews, from Kick Ass to Fables, Dock Walloper to Maus, plus a couple of non-comic goodies along the way. This is mostly because they couldn’t think of a proper topic, but hey, it’s all good. During these spoiler-rific reviews Iz proclaims that everything ever is “fucking awesome”, Stace brings everyone down and The Racks it’s first ever joint Top of the Racks. That’s right, folks, there’s a comic out there so awesome that it gets the full Comic Racks endorsement! (Go buy it!)

The regular Rack Music segment sees The Rack Ladies accidentally develop a theme of video game related tunes, though Stace has yet to find out Iz’s verdict on her pick this fortnight.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy a podcast full of random singing, laughs and reviews a-plenty.

Direct Download: Episode 17

Geek Syndicate – Episode 87

Ok people watch your heads and make sure your tray tables and seats are in their upright position. Time to buckle up for another grimy trip into the murky underbelly of Geekdom.


  • Clash of the Remakes.
  • Red Sonja meets Planet Terror.

Week that was

  • Trinity issue 3 (DC).
  • Project: Kalki (Virgin Comics).
  • Aquaman pilot episode (should’ve had the Hoff in it!).
  • Quantum of Solice trailer.

Main Feature

In this special interview the guys chat to Matthew Graham whose projects have included “The Last Train”, “Life on Mars”, “Ashes to Ashes” about his new six part archelogical thriller series “BoneKickers”. Matthew has also written episodes for Spooks and Hustle.

The guys delve into Matthew’s past to discover where his love of writing comes from as well as some of his influences. They also learn how he ended up working with Kudos to write episodes for both “Spooks” and “Hustle”

Finally they guys get to pitch some questions from the forum members and discover a recent and very interesting encounter between Matthew and George Lucas!



Direct Download: Episode 87

Geek Syndicate – Episode 86 Go Nuge Ranger Go !, NUJO EXTREME!!!

Join the lads who love to geek on another action packed romp through the land of geekdom.

When Barry loses his Nujo during this episode with Dave’s help he is forced to unleash the power of Nujo extreme!



  • Supernatural heads west!
  • Doomsday hits Smallville in an ambulance.

Back in time at the Bristol Con

  • Community Comics (
  • Septic Isle (

Questions from the Senate

  • Some listeners pitch some questions to the lads including getting their opinions on the current trend of remakes and sequels.

Week that Was

  • Short interview with OT who played ‘Other Dave’ in the fantastic Doctor Who two parter ‘Silence in the library’ and ‘Forest of the Dead’
  • The Reaping (or stupid people in a horror movie)
  • The Omen(even more stupid people in an horror movie)
  • Lone Wolf and Cub(comic)
  • Dave gave his quick review on Indy 4
  • Barry gives his review of the new Hulk movie.
  • Ramayan 3392 A.D. (


  • Find out how to win a copy of Ramayan 3392 A.D in ‘Barry’s Hamster’s Competition’ (yes you read that right).
Direct Download: Episode 86