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TE: Thu, 01 May 2008
SIZE: 35.8 MB
Geek Syndicate – Episode 79 
The Syndicate is reformed this week as Dave rejoins the show with a small rant on Lost. Barry Also discusses the pros and cons of working without a co-host for an episode. We also look forward to the Bristol Comic Expo with it’s organiser Mike Allwood.Enjoy!NewsMortal Kombat vs DC universe. Is it madness or genius?Primeval season three news. It’s a biggie people!The upcoming Blake’s 7 remake.Will it be UK’s answer to BSG ?Week that WasLost – is it actually going anywhere?The Spirit/ Sin City 2 teaser trailerThe Hancock trailer. Is going to be the wild wild west of Comic book Movies?Main FeatureAn Interview with Mike Allwood who is one of the driving forces behind May’s Bristol Comic Expo.
DATE: Thu, 24 Apr 2008
SIZE: 28.8 MB
Geek Syndicate – Episode 78 A Nuge stands alone 
That’s right people, the episode you didn’t request or want is here! Barry Nugent aka The Nuge stands alone, no David, no wires, no cgi and no hope. It’s just the Nuge against the world. Ask yourself can the world and your eardrums survive the experience?So sit back as The Nuge, reviews Doctor Who, Smallville, Cloverfield, Wii Kart and Army of Two. The Nuge also invents a new word for the geek world.Apologies, in advance to co-host Dave who knows nothing about this episode!Enjoy!!!
DATE: Mon, 21 Apr 2008
SIZE: 49.8 MB
Comic Racks – Episode 12 
Welcome to Episode 12 where Stace takes over the editing reigns for the first time (and shows Iz up by getting it done bang on time).Apologies for the sound issues in this episode which we wil have sorted out for next time :)Before they get stuck into the main topic of a Bristol Con preview, the girls talk about Rock Star, Dr Who doing Shakespeare, Baby Boomers at BristolCon and online, the Gotham Knights trailer and the Golden Champagne Glass Awards 2008 (vote Geek Syndicate!!).Reviews include Maintenance Vol 2, Ms Marvel #25, Dr Who Season 4 Eps 1 & 2, CJ7, and Everybody’s Dead #2. This section witnesses Iz inadvertantly insulting Steve Coogan (she didn’t mean to) while going mad over Son of Rambow, Stace losing her mind over not having Fillerbunny, and the Racks being divided over the new Who companion.Iz very rudely dominates the Top of the Racks section with a 12 minute hysteria fit over the best-birthday-present-in-the-whole-world, but makes up for it by also choosing Pushing Daisies which the girls bond over. Stace drops two (TWO!) titles in her Tail and Iz warns of the perils of watching Superhero Movie.For the main topic, the Racks chat about which creators/ writers / artists they are most looking forward to seeing in Bristol, and for the first time ever, both Racks like each others choice for Rack Music.
DATE: Wed, 16 Apr 2008
SIZE: 37.8 MB
Geek Syndicate – Episode 77 
This week we got a Star Wars gangsta rap(all 5 seconds), the Geek Syndicate method for dealing with Terminators. There’s also talk from Dave on how he deals with false Doctor Who fans and a trip back in time to the games, tv and movies that we’re big in the year we left school 1985! Questions from the Senate What’s the worst adaptation to movie? Have we watched Big Bang Theory and what did we think? What’s your favourite all time non DC or Marvel comic? Week That Was Pushing Daises (TV) Smallville. (TV) Remote Control K9 (Gadgets) “Moths ate my Doctor Who Scarf” (Comedy show) Main Feature Travel with Geek Syndicate back to 1985 to look at such classics as the A-Team,The Last Dragon,Goonies, Moonlighting and Rambo 2 Notes from Nuge Doctor Who Season 3 Leave a comment or question for the boys on our new voicemail number. +442081335704 Enjoy!!! *No Ewoks were harmed in the making of this episode.  
DATE: Tue, 15 Apr 2008
SIZE: 18.9 MB
Geek Syndicate – Radical Publishing Interview 
In this special episode the guys chat with Barry Levine, President of Radical Publishing. Barry explains how we went from being one the top rock photographers in the world,to being a music supervisor then a producer with a first look deal in the comics-to-film entertainment division of Dark Horse Comics and finally to the formation of Radical Publishing. Barry also explains his former involvement in the Judge Dredd and 30 days of Night movies and the upcoming Rex Mundi Movie starring Johnny Depp. We get some insight into the various divisions of the company and the comics about to be released within each. He also reveals Radical’s plans for the future and some of it’s upcoming comic to movie adaptations, including a collaboration with John Woo. So sit back and enjoy!!!
DATE: Sat, 12 Apr 2008
SIZE: 29.2 MB
Geek Syndicate – Episode 76 
Welcome to another fun packed episode of the Geek Syndicate people! News New Stargate series on the way(Do we really need another one?) Santuary on it’s way to the UK Week That Was Doctor Who season opener. (TV) Torchwood season finale. (TV) Caliber (comic) Hercules (Comic) Sarah Conner Chronicles (TV) Notes from Nuge(with help from Marcusq) – Gladiator Main Feature There is no main feature this week but instead an extended week that was segment. Enjoy!!!
DATE: Mon, 07 Apr 2008
SIZE: 47.1 MB
Comic Racks – Episode 11 
Episode 11 – Pigs are FunnyBack to their regular programming (hopefully), Iz and Stace bring you a lazy, but still rather good if we do say so ourselves, episode of Comic Racks!In this reviewtastic episode, the ladies talk you through some of their reading and TV watching highlights from the last few weeks. Much rambling on the subject of Torchwood takes place, and Iz finally gets around to starting Death Note, hoorah! Stacebob tries desperately, and quite badly, to describe the sheer brilliance that is Ubu Bubu #1, as Iz reveals a rather controversial Tail of the Racks…In our not-so-much-news segment, Stace botches a news story about a Whedon musical, Iz muses on the sanity of Tom Cruise and we discuss the pros and cons of spoof movies.As well as all this juicy content, Stace almost wets herself recalling her brush with the Futureheads, and the ladies finally get Rack Music properly off the ground with our choices for this episode.Enjoy!
DATE: Thu, 03 Apr 2008
SIZE: 40.1 MB
Geek Syndicate – Episode 75 
This week the boys argue over a new catch phrase. Barry gives a 24 style review on infamous Nick Fury TV movie starring the Hoff. The main feature involves an historic meeting between a young Geek Syndicate and none other than Richard Branson as they take a look at Virgin Comics.News- Dr Who vs God?…yes we are serious- Superman’s patents fly out of DC’s window.- Harry Potter and the do we really need two films?Week That Was- Nick Fury and the Hoff! (TV)- Peckerwood: 24 Minutes (Comics)- Ashes to Ashes (TV)- 1408 (Movie)- Doctor Who the original series season one (TV)Notes from Nuge: Independence DayMain FeatureA special look at Virgin ComicsEnjoy…
DATE: Mon, 31 Mar 2008
SIZE: 36.9 MB
Geek Syndicate – Episode 74 
We finally bring this episode to you after some serious microphone and audio issues, so apologies for the lateness. Now let’s get down to business.News- Dr who Season 4 Start date.- Perils of Self Publishing.- New teen casting for Terminator 4.- Has Tintin finally been cast for the new Spielberg movie? (here’s a clue think Dr   who).Notes from Nuge-  Xmen 3Special Guest- Damian co -host of the Kryptographik podcast calling in live from Australia with a surprise for Barry.Week that Was- Dan Dare Archives (Red Moon Mystery).- Regenesis(TV).- The Twelve (Comic).- Star Wars Legacy (Comic).- The Batman (TV).- Torchwood (TV).Main Feature- The winner of the latest Geek Syndicate writing competition is announced!Enjoy…
DATE: Thu, 20 Mar 2008
SIZE: 51.6 MB
Comic Racks – Episode 10 
This episode the girls have a very grown-up and sensible (for a change) in-depth conversation about comic cheesecake, and touch on Chaos comics, manga, Bisley porn, Greg Horn, and the MJ and Supergirl statues.Along the way, the usual news, reviews and top/tail of the racks are covered: Snow White in Drag, stalking the Futureheads, Barrowman Watch and more….Reviews:Tiny Titans #1Green Arrow & Black Canary #5Deadpool #20(ish) to 45Dock Walloper #2Urban Monsters #1Bullseye Greatest HitsOur competition winner is announced with the girls debuting the winning entry, and it’s Stacey’s turn at choosing this fortnight’s Rack Music – woot 🙂
DATE: Thu, 20 Mar 2008
SIZE: 33.8 MB
Geek Syndicate – Episode 73 
In this episode Barry finally finds something negative to say about Indiana Jones. The guys also tackle the controversy surrounding the planned remake of Spaced. They also look at a few of the popular shows being renewed and those that maybe have pass their sell by date.There’s TV reviews of  Ashes to Ashes, Eleventh Hour and the Supernatural remake of Assault on precinct 12. Reviews on the comic front of Rassle,Kickass(yep that what I said), Buffy (Yay!!!) and Angel (Boo!!).Be warned there is a massive tangent alert involving public information warnings, band aids, falling over and Barry’s twisted sense of humour.Enjoy!!!
DATE: Wed, 12 Mar 2008
SIZE: 42.1 MB
Geek Syndicate Episode 72 – Travels in Time and Space with Paul Cornell 
Join Geek Syndicate on a epic 90 minute journey through time and space and into the mind of  Mr Paul Cornell, writer for Doctor Who, Primeval, Wisdom, Robin Hood and a host of other projects (some of which may surprise).On this whistle-stop tour we learn some interesting stuff about Paul including how we got started in writing, who his favorite doctor is, his favorite superhero as well as his favorite medium to work in. We delve into some of Paul’s renowned Doctor Who episodes and discover some of the inspirations behind them.Paul  takes us through a typical writing day and gives some tips for any would be writers out there, especially his thoughts on writer’s block.We take a look forward to some of the stuff Paul has in the pipeline including the upcoming Marvel comic ‘Captain Britain and MI-13’. Paul share’s his thoughts on Cap’s place in the Marvel Universe and more importantly the fast growing legend that is Captain Midlands.Enjoy!
DATE: Wed, 05 Mar 2008
SIZE: 34.8 MB
Geek Syndicate episode 71 – Shopping with Rich Johnston 
In this week’s episode the guys look at the 3 part Torchwood episodes featuring Martha Jones fresh from Doctor Who. There is also talk on Primeval season two, David Gemmell’s last ever book and increasing number of times Lex is shot in Smallville. We also find out what dave’s like to do on a Friday night when he’s had to much to drink (here’s a clue it’s boring).In our main feature we chat to the infamous comic gossip columnist Rich Johnston as he takes us on a tour of his local supermarket. We ask such thorny questions as…What stories which he feels have had the most impact on the comic world? What do creators and publishers really think of him? Who really cannot stand to be in the same room with him? What is his relationship with Bob ‘Texan Comedy’ Legend Wayne VP of DC?Enjoy…
DATE: Tue, 04 Mar 2008
SIZE: 45.4 MB
Comic Racks – Episode 9 
Saving up a sensible and interesting main topic for their upcoming Episode 10 (who’d have thunk it, eh?), the Racks take the easy way out and answer some more of your burning qusestions in Ask The Racks Part 2: Go Grab A Cheese-string.Stace’s dressing gown starts to fall apart, Iz continues in her mission to plug Baby Boomers in any way she can, and both girls yet again massacre the English language in their attempt to do some joint reviews.Hear what the girls think of Dave Dwonch’s Gnome and the Adolescent Radioactive Blackbelt Hamsters, as well as their individual reviews of the TV show Phoo Action, Cable and Deadpool #50, Gail Simone’s Wonder Woman and other such wonderful things.During their main Ask the Racks section, the girls discuss who they’d stick in a Death Note if they could and Stace addresses the most difficult question she’s ever been asked; Captain America or Deadpool??It’s rants, rambles and orange-squash fuelled hyperactivity ahoy in this, the Racks final single figured episode!The Rack universe will never be the same again!* Enjoy!*This may or may not be true…
DATE: Thu, 28 Feb 2008
SIZE: 37.0 MB
Geek Syndicate episode 70 – Return of the Nuge 
After learning the ways of the podcaster in the snowy and harsh landscape of Iceland Barry is back in the saddle and not a moment too soon. This week the lads tackle the new Indiana Jones trailer,Mc2 the comic anthology from the Birmingham comic collective and a thought controlled gaming headset. Dave takes a look at image comics Next Issue project and discovers yet another new vampire TV show.  In our main feature they are joined by the lovely Iz from Comic Racks to give a spoilerful review of the new Rambo movie.  Enjoy!!!  And remember when you’re pushed killing is as easy as breathing…so sayeth Rambo
DATE: Fri, 22 Feb 2008
SIZE: 42.1 MB
Geek Syndicate 69 – The Solo Syndicate 
Geek Syndicate 69 â The Solo Syndicate   See what happens when David is left to his own devices. Yes itâs the long awaited Solo Syndicate.   Be in awe at the news of technological advances he brings us Join him in welcoming back new listeners and Dr Who fans with a song. Thrill to his reviews of Jenna Jamesonâs Shadow Hunter and Journeyman . Contemplate the state of sci-fi in comics   And then   Join me in conversation with Emma Vieceli one of the UKâs rising stars in the world of manga. This was such an enjoyable conversation that it exceeded by far the 20m interview I had planned, which as you will see is not difficult. So join us as we explore the difference and similarities between comics and manga, , music, a touch of gaming and much geekery.   Apologies for the quality   Hope you enjoy it
DATE: Mon, 18 Feb 2008
SIZE: 42.6 MB
Comic Racks Episode 8 
Join the noobie birds again for episode 8, crammed full of germs, comics and a tonne of swearing. Our feature this fortnight is Ask the Racks where the girls answer loads of questions from the forums including what it’s like to be a fan-girl…Along the way Iz loses her mind over a potential encounter with John Barrowman, Stace discusses the financial perils of being a Manga fan, and the girls nearly fall out over Steve Dillon (but not quite).Also in this new episode is Rack Music – where this week Stace choses her defining song of the moment.Reviews include: Eleventh Hour #2, Captain America #34 (SPOILERS), Wolverine Origins #21, Furious Fist of the Drunken Monkey, and Bleach #21 & 22.
DATE: Wed, 13 Feb 2008
SIZE: 38.9 MB
Geek Syndicate – Episode 68 
In this episode we give our view on the new 52 week comic from DC (here’s a hint it’s not a good view). We review Johah Hex, Supernatural Origins, 2 episodes of Smallville (nice makeup Black Canary). There is also a brief look at the new seasons of Torchwood and Primeval. In our main we welcome Dr Karl our fully fledged geek scientist to answer a few f your burning geek sci-fi questions like.Is it possible for Superman to Fly? Is time travel possible or just rubbish? and more.Also the Notes from Nuge was changed at the last minute to my original choice  which was mentioned on the episode.Enjoy!!!First Indy 4 trailer at today…woohoo
DATE: Wed, 06 Feb 2008
SIZE: 37.4 MB
Geek Syndicate – Episode 67 
In this episode we take a look at the teaser trailer for the new Star Trek movie. There are also review of The Dragon Lance movie, Nick Fury Agent of Shield (blame Dave for that one) and 30 days of Night.In our main feature we give our thoughts on the entries for our sci-fi writing competition and announce the winner. We also announce a new competition and this time with a prize, no less.Enjoy…
DATE: Tue, 05 Feb 2008
SIZE: 41.2 MB
Comic Racks – Episode 7 
After the gargantuan double episode Doctor Who extravaganza (also known as the two episode ramble-fest), the Racks gals get back to their regular fortnightly format to chat all things comics (and some things TV and film…)Join us as Iz gets over excited at the prospect of signed John Barrowman stuff, Stace demonstrates why she shouldn’t be allowed to sing on the podcast, and both girls come up with the worst, least newsworthy news EVER. Stace’s sister, Zoe, makes her comics podcast debut, allbeit in a slightly concussed and very un-comic related way.Being too lazy to actually think of a main topic to discuss, The Racks ladies (ladies? pfft!) do an extended review section, covering comics and graphic novels from recent to oldies, and indies to the Big Two. Stace gets a little bit violent towards old witchy women (for good reason, though!) and Iz worries that her all-round love for Battlepope may condemn her to the fiery depths of Hell :PWe give the details about our competition again (just a couple more episodes to go to get your entries in, guys!), and Iz pimps herself out for a new job.Enjoy!
DATE: Wed, 30 Jan 2008
SIZE: 37.4 MB
Geek Syndicate – Episode 66 
In this special episode we chat with James Moran the writer of the movie Severance, the Torchwood episode ‘Sleeper’ and a future and the upcoming Dr Who episode “Pompeii”. James explains how he got into writing, reveals some of his methods and inspirations. He also reveals how he found himself living out one of his dreams as a writer on Doctor Who. Enjoy!
DATE: Mon, 28 Jan 2008
SIZE: 28.2 MB
Comic Racks episode 6b 
Join us in a slightly shorter yet super special episode in which we round up our Doctor Who ramblements.Our usual routine goes out of the window so we can complete our review Doctor Who series 3, from Human Nature right up the the Christmas Special, Voyage of the Damned.Stace gets scared of, well, practically everything in this episode, from statues to small girls with balloons, Iz sings a Doctor Who solo and we both get a little Tennant-fangirlish as we delve into what we both see as the better half of this season.Stay tuned for a quick reminder of our competition and prizes; we’ve now had two entries, but we’re greedy for more!Enjoy 🙂
DATE: Wed, 23 Jan 2008
SIZE: 35.1 MB
Geek Syndicate – Episode 65 
This week there is no main feature just a lot of week that was of which a lion’s share is dedicated to our spoilerful review of the first episode of Torchwood. We  have a spoilerful look at the end league issue 1. There is also some chat about the I am legend novel,Dan Dare, Blood Ties, House and Mass Effect on the Xbox360. Dave does a brief interview with Orbital Comics  in London about their upcoming sale. Oh and at last Barry’s musical segment if officially named. Enjoy!!!
DATE: Sun, 20 Jan 2008
SIZE: 46.4 MB
Comic Racks Episode 6 
This week the noobie-bird-nerds get their teeth into the first half of Dr Who season 3, and a darn sight more in between.Join the ladies as they talk about loads of stuff including Jenna Jameson’s comic and her need for a nice jumper.Stacey looses her mind and has a full-on nerdgasm during a News Item on Deadpool,and Iz proves once again she can’t read properly as Teen Titans Year One is referred to as TT Year Zero :(Dr Who Season 3 from The Runanway Bride through to 42 is reviewed, with slight detours via starch-related old Who villains, a morbid fear of Davros, Tom Baker’s teeth, and the utter crap-ness of straws. In our Top of the Racks section Stacey gets a little creepy over her Kingdom Come and Iz goes all groupie over Mike Norton (again).If anyone is easily offended, please do NOT listen to the Peeve of the Fortnight section – the girls out-do themselves on the swearing front this week..but it’s all Anne Robinson’s fault.Listen out for the all important shout-outs, which Iz manages to screw up quite a bit, but recovers in time to discuss logos on thongs and dog jackets :)Enjoy!!Reviews:Jenna Jameson’s Shadow Hunter #0Teen Titans Year OneMain Feature:Dr Who Season Three (The Runaway Bride, Smith and Jones – 42)Top of the Racks:Absolute Edition Kingdom ComeGravity
DATE: Thu, 17 Jan 2008
SIZE: 41.4 MB
Geek Syndicate vs Satan Episode 64 
You read the title right noble listener. It seems our rant on spidey’s demonic sellout last episode has bought down the wrath of the unholy one. In our battle against Satan we use the Bionic Woman, a spoilerful review of the first episode of the second season of Primeval, Artemis Fowl and a whole host of independent comics that we review and more.Pray we win this battle or say farewell to our immortal souls…enjoy!
DATE: Wed, 09 Jan 2008
SIZE: 34.6 MB
Geek Syndicate Episode 63 
A new year and a new Barry? Join us as we tackle everything from a remote control drinks cooler to, reviews of shoot em up(spoilerful but for this movie it really doesn’t matter) and I am Legend(spoiler free). In our main feature we review the Spidey epic One More Day(spoilerful) and delve into the controversy that had sprung up around it.Enjoy…!!!
DATE: Mon, 07 Jan 2008
SIZE: 44.2 MB
Comic Racks Episode 5 
Cover your ears and run for the hills as Stace and Iz swear and rant their way through a round-up of 2007. The Racks look at what they rate as the very best and very worst (and very disappointing) comic issues, comic seriesâ, films, and TV of 2007. Also covered in depth are things on screen, stage, and print in 2008 that are making the girls a little bit over-excited.Along the way Iz proves that senility can happen to the best of us, and reveals why she could possibly be the worst person to go to the cinema with, Stace loses her mind over a panda, and provides a mini musical interlude, showing why one half of a podcast should not be left to their own devicesââplus both girls have RANTS a-plenty. Stay tuned all the way through and hear about our awesome competition, a bit of good news and hear us get our contact details right for the very first time ever !!!Happy New Year ï ï
DATE: Fri, 04 Jan 2008
SIZE: 37.1 MB
Geek Syndicate Episode 62 
In our first episode of 2008 recorded in the dying embers of 2007 we are joined by Clive and resident non geek Amaechi. We review the season finale of Spooks(MI5 in the US) and the Doctor Who Christmas special Voyage of the Dammed.In our main feature we discuss some of the high and lows of 2007 in the world of comics, books, TV and gaming. We also get some insightful commentary from the non geek on the world of comic reading which he had only been recently exposed to.Enjoy and Happy New Year!!!
DATE: Tue, 01 Jan 2008
SIZE: 19.7 MB
Geek Syndicate 61b The Heroes season 2 Review/Rant. 
Join us as we take a rant heavy look back at Heroes season 2. Be warned not only is this a rant heavy episode but a spoiler heavy one as well.Enjoy…PS Mohinder is crap!
DATE: Mon, 24 Dec 2007
SIZE: 40.1 MB
Comic Racks – Episode 4 Comic Racks Vs Geek Syndicate Round 2 
Iz and Stace are joined by podcasters extraordinaries, Misters Nugent and Monteith, for part two of the Great Podcast Crossover! Join the gang as we discover why cockroaches aren’t any fun, children ruin everything and the Batman trailer rules!Getting into the spirit in our main topic, we quiz the Geek Syndicate lads about all things Christmas, reminiscing about all the best and worst gifts we ever received, how we discovered the truth about Santa, and why you should always make a note of who your gifts are from…Merry Christmas everyone!
DATE: Thu, 20 Dec 2007
SIZE: 36.9 MB
Geek Syndicate – Episode 61 
In our last episode before Christmas we take a look at some of the big movies coming out in 2008. We also review the angel after the fall comic(Spoiler heavy warning) and tackle the thorny issue of how to represent the medium of comics.Look out for a separate Heroes season 2 review mini episode coming soon.Happy Christmas all!
DATE: Fri, 14 Dec 2007
SIZE: 72.8 MB
Geek Syndicate vs Comic Racks – Episode 60 
It’s Geek Syndicate versus our sister podcast Comic Racks in the first of a two part crossover (2nd part is Comic Racks episode 4). I shall say no more accept we hope you enjoy the chaos!PS Apologies for the large file size had to do it for quality reasons.We also really earn our explicit tag in this episode so be warned …
DATE: Mon, 10 Dec 2007
SIZE: 44.0 MB
Comic Racks – Episode 3 
This episode we’re joined by our very first Rackette, the (almost) Dr Karl Byrne, who helps us understand the science (or lack thereof) behind some of your favourite super heroes.We review WWH #5 and Captain America #32 in our ever eloquent manner, whilst Iz takes a trip back in time to read and review Iron Man ‘Extremis’.Also, discover what happens when seatbelts attack!”
DATE: Thu, 06 Dec 2007
SIZE: 39.2 MB
Geek Syndicate – Episode 59 
Join the boys as they look some new photos from Indy 4. There is also a lengthy debate on the topic of ‘Are comics now only for adults’.  They also review Ninja Warrior, Blood Ties and Call of Duty 4. Tha main feature looks at the upcoming season of Doctor Who and it’s spinoff; Torchwood and the Sarah Jane Adventures.Enjoy…
DATE: Thu, 29 Nov 2007
SIZE: 36.7 MB
Comic Racks – Episode 2 
This week the Comic Rack ladies tackle the explosive T4 casting and directing rumours. There’s more news on the supposed ‘death of the batman’ and  the new Watchmen movie. The ladies don their conspiracy hats to uncover a link between the upcoming Cloverfield movie and Heroes. Stace Discovers the goodness of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 and Farscape is discovered. Batman Year One Hundred and Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind are finally reviewed as well as some Mighty Boosh, Ghost rider and much more. Enjoy…
DATE: Thu, 29 Nov 2007
SIZE: 34.0 MB
Geek Syndicate – Episode 58 
In this week’s thrilling installment we learn what happens when you get lippy with the god of Thunder. We review the latest episode of Smallville (including the Jamaican method dealing with kryptonians), Culled by Simon Spurier ,Pushing Daises, Star Wars Legacy and Reaper. In our main feature we tackle some hard hitting Questions from our listerners in a Questions from the Senate Marathon. Enjoy and thanks to all of you who posted or sent in questions!
DATE: Wed, 21 Nov 2007
SIZE: 40.4 MB
Geek Syndicate – Episode 57 
Yeah you heard right it’s episode 57 and we’re back with a vengeance. Join us as we chat about Death in comics, Ghostbusters the video game, Spooks, Robin Hood and The Sarah Jane Adventures. There is also some Guitar Hero action.Barry also takes on a listener challenge and gives a brief review of the first two Preacher trades by Garth Ennis.And as a tribute to the Doctor Who Time Crash Children in Need special GS brings you Doctor Who: The new assistant!Enjoy!
DATE: Wed, 14 Nov 2007
SIZE: 41.6 MB
Comic Racks – Episode 1 
Welcome to the first episode of our sister podcast Comic Racks. Join Iz and Stace as they tackle such weighty issues as…Death in comic books…good or bad?Jesus in the hairdressers (yes that’s what I said)The joy of Spongebob Squarepants.Reviews of Batman and the Spirit, DC Infinite Halloween Special and the Umbrella Academy.How to sniff Keira Knightley (it’s an eye opener). Also discover Iz and Stace’s Peeve of the week (it’s a good un) and much, much more.Oh and there’s some swearing…for shame ladies.Enjoy all….
DATE: Wed, 31 Oct 2007
SIZE: 37.5 MB
GS Episode 56 – Halloween Legends Part II 
So here we are again All hallows eve and we bring you some more blood curdling tales of our youth. No werewolves or vampires this time instead we bring you a school seance gone wrong and the horror of the bouncy man! We also take a quick look at the new series of Spooks, Supernatural, Smallville and The Sarah Jane adventures. Enjoy it…if you dare PS Make sure you listen to the entire episode. PPS due to a combination of workloads and wisdom teeth extraction there will be no Geek Syndicate next week but we shall return!
DATE: Wed, 24 Oct 2007
SIZE: 37.3 MB
GS Episode 55 – the Brum convention 2007 
Take a trip to the Birmingham comic convention with the GS boys as they take you through the highlights of the convention. There’s panel reviews and interviews galore.There also some chat about the new Star Trek movie casting and perhaps the most foolish movie extra on the face of the planet.Enjoy…
DATE: Mon, 22 Oct 2007
SIZE: 38.7 MB
GS gives you Comic Racks Episode 0 
We are proud to present Episode 0 of, what we hope will become our sister podcast, Comic Racks(working title subject to change) featuring the first ladies of the Geek Syndicate Iz and Stacebob. Like GS the they will be looking at all thing geek but from a female perspectiveIn this preview episode they chat about the Birmingham Comic Convention as well as their fave tv shows, movies, books and superheroes.Enjoy and if you do enjoy it let the girls know otherwise we may never hear another episode!!!
DATE: Sun, 14 Oct 2007
SIZE: 29.8 MB
Geek Syndicate Episode 54 – Live at Birmingham 
This was recorded live at the Birmingham Comic Convention earlier today.  Your hosts along with Amy from Birds of Geek present a live podcast with artists Adi Granov and Esad Ribic. We discuss Adi’s involvement in the Iron Man movie, Esad expressess his feelings regarding superhero genitals and Adi gets some man love. Enjoy    
DATE: Thu, 11 Oct 2007
SIZE: 18.7 MB
Geek Syndicate – Episode 53 Birmingham Convention Preview 
In a shorter than usual episode, due to extreme interference by EPOCH causing us no end of sound problems, we bring you at look at this years Birmingham International Comic Convention.We review Hope falls issue 1 being launched at the con as well as an interview with Shane, one of the Convention organisers.We hope the sound quality isn’t too bad and hopefully normal service will resume next episode!Enjoy…
DATE: Wed, 03 Oct 2007
SIZE: 25.0 MB
Geek Syndicate – Episode 52 Part 2 
In the second part of our Month of the Listeners the guys turn their attention to the new straight to dvd release Superman/Doomsday. The drink keeps flowing and the volume levels get higher as we give our review. We also learn the answer a question older than time iteslf. Who would win in a fight (maybe not to the death) between David and Barry…
DATE: Wed, 26 Sep 2007
SIZE: 37.9 MB
Geek Syndicate Episode 52 Pt 1 
Ah welcome back weary traveller, take a seat by the fire and i shall continue my tale of the legend of the month of the listeners.This week as will as listeners phil and adam we are joined by special guests, Willard Whisky, Vicki Vodka and Ricky Rum…b afraid.We chat, laugh and argue over spiderman,the new angel comic, the latest harry potter flick and some upcoming remakes. Watch out for spoilers if you’ve never watched Buffy or Angel,Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and issue 542 of spidermanAs ever enjoy…

DATE: Fri, 21 Sep 2007
SIZE: 29.5 MB
GeeK Syndicate – Episode 51
In this weekâs episode weâre joined by Ryan aka HulkSmash in the first of our Month of the listener episodes.Join us as we look at the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cgi movie and the new Lobster Johnson comic. We also look in on the latest goings on from the shadowy world of EPOCH. We also take a step back in time as Barry finally answers the listener challenge and watches Terminator 3Enjoyâ!!!



DATE: Thu, 13 Sep 2007
SIZE: 59.8 MB
Geek Syndicate – The Big Five O
Episode 50 2 hours, 2 bottlles of whisky…no more words needed!Good Luck!!!



DATE: Thu, 06 Sep 2007
SIZE: 31.9 MB
Geek Syndicate – Episode 49
One more to go before the big 50âexcited? I know we are but until our mammoth landmark youâll have to make do with episode 49. We chat about the potential plot information on the new Star Trek movie. We take a spoiler filled look at Harry potter and Dave goes on a rant after finishing the latest astonishing Xmen. Barry also mentions the merits of the cancelled series Daybreak. In our main feature we review Eleventh Hour 2 from Orang Utan Comics. We also announce our anniversary listener of the month for September but before you cab recover from that shock an unholy bet is made which could tear the Geek Syndicate asunder. Enjoyâif you can!!! –



DATE: Wed, 29 Aug 2007
SIZE: 43.2 MB
Geek Syndicate – EP 48 The Return of the Non Geek
In this week’s kinda star studded episode we are joined by good friend, non geek and reluctant sidekick Amaechi. We revisit the Enter the Dragon bombshell and get Amaechi’s thoughts on the new movie. We also discuss the new JLA movie.In our main feature we continue our look at comic to movie adaptations with a look at those movies adapted from more obscure or independent comics.Enjoy!!!



DATE: Thu, 23 Aug 2007
SIZE: 32.8 MB
Geek Syndicate – Episode 47
Just a few episodes left before our mythical 50th episode. In episode we look at the new Dr Strange animated movie,the bioshock and stranglehold demos on the xbox 360 anda brief spoiler free for Bourne Ultimatum(though we spoil the other two) .We go on a mini rant on the proposed Enter the Dragon remake and remakes in general. We also give a brief spoiler free for Bourne Ultimatum(though we spoil the other two) and discuss the downside of double crossing ‘The best there is…” In out main feature we interview of the producer of the upcoming Doctor Who stage show ‘Doctor Who: The Dalek Masterplan’ Apologies on the slight echo on Barry’s voice, hopefully won’t spoil things too much! Enjoy!!!


DATE: Mon, 20 Aug 2007
SIZE: 45.1 MB
Geek Syndicate – Jonas Moore Special
The Many Worlds of Jonas Moore stars Colin Salmon (Bond, AVP, Resident Evil, Prime Suspect) and is described as a combination of comic book illustration, with 3D animation, live action photography, newsreel archive and an original music score.In this special episode Dave (after ditching his co-host) meets up with Howard Webster the driving force behind Jonas Moore. Enjoy!


DATE: Tue, 14 Aug 2007
SIZE: 34.5 MB
Geek Syndicate – Episode 46
In this weekâs interstellar episode we discuss the news of the potential Buffy spin off âRipperâ. Dave reads his first ever James Bond book, Casino Royale, and we discuss the perils of being hit in the groin. He also reviews The Amulet of Vichalace by Zoe Stead We also review Buffy issue 5(spoiler free) and the new Babylon 5 DVD: The Lost Tales. For our main feature we take a rocket trip (unlike the show) to Mongo for our first review of the new Flash Gordon TV show. Enjoyâor weâll release the bore worms!



DATE: Thu, 09 Aug 2007
SIZE: 27.0 MB
GS Episode 45 Part 2 – Return of the Iz
Well, in a very short episode, for us, we round up our little chat with Iz our listener of the month as we chat about her views on comic cons and bringing others into the world of Geekdom and her thoughts on Nugecake!!! Even though the episode finishes after about 30 minutes keep listening for some unedited behind the scenes stuff (I know itâs like an audio geek syndicate special edition) with special guest Izâs husband rich aka Bluemeanie(be warned not one for the kids this episode). We figured it might be fun to show what happens after we stop recording and what can go wrong trying to put the show together. Either way we hope you enjoy!!!



DATE: Thu, 02 Aug 2007
SIZE: 29.6 MB
Geek Syndicate Episode 45 Pt 1
Well itâs that time again for another Listener of the month. This month we are honoured to have the Geek Syndicate endorsed comedy legend number 3 Mrs Meanie aka Iz. Join us as we introduce Scrappy Do to a vat of acid, argue about Flash Gordon, and a new Muppet show. We have a very spoiler free brief review of World War Hulk one. We aslo chat about the Doctor Who audio adventures. In the main feature we quiz Iz on the ups and downs of being a Geek in training. Listen out for the special guest cameo a lot more of whom you hear in the second part of this episode Enjoyâ



DATE: Mon, 30 Jul 2007
SIZE: 22.8 MB
Geek Syndicate 50th Special Party mix 1- soundbites
As we approach our 50th Anniversary episode we decided to put out a few special episodes looking back over all those episodes. In this first special we’ve spliced together all the opening pre intro sound bites from every episode so far(at least I think we got every episode).Hope you like it and stay tuned for more specials…coming soon!


DATE: Thu, 26 Jul 2007
SIZE: 36.5 MB
Geek Syndicate – EP 44 Genesis of the Syndicate
This week we announce the winner of our second short story competition. Dave displays his lack of musical talent with a piano. Barry gives a brief and completely spoiler free review of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Dave takes a moment to chats about all Flash 1. We also take a couple of probing questions from the senate. In our main feature we travel back to 1980 the year we met at school and shatter some illusions about that fateful meeting. We look at some of the movies, tv, comics books and games we were into back then. As alwaysâenjoy!!!


DATE: Thu, 19 Jul 2007
SIZE: 63.3 MB
Geek Syndicate EP 43 – Star Wars Celebration Europe Special
In the heart of London we find our heroes Dave and Barry on a questto unlock the secrets of the Star Wars 30th Celebration Europe. Together they will face the Star Wars Force Unleashed the game panel and attened a special Q&A session with it’s designers.They will watch as Ray Park once more fights with his iconic double lightsaber.They gasped at the trailer of the Clones Wars CGI TV series and basked in the coolness that is Billy Dee Williams.So strap into your X wing, turn up the volume and enjoy…



DATE: Thu, 12 Jul 2007
SIZE: 69.5 MB
Geek Syndicate – Ep 42 Doctor Who Special
At last here we are the end of season 3 of Doctor Who. We take you on a two hour tour, episode by episode, of the entire season with our special guest and former LOTM Heath…enjoy


DATE: Sat, 07 Jul 2007
SIZE: 28.1 MB
Geek Syndicate – Episode 41b LOTM part 2
And the adventures continues as together with our listener of the month Stace. In this second part we descend into the nightmarish and slightly scary world of geek merchandising. Will any of usGeek Syndicate – Episode 41 LOTM
Anyone who has followed us from the beginning will have seen us face Werewolves,Vampires,Sony Ninjas and the dreaded EPOC. Now we face our greatest challenge yet. Ladies and Gentlegeeks Geek syndicate are proud to present our Listener of the month Stace aka Stacebob…enjoy!



DATE: Tue, 26 Jun 2007
SIZE: 33.8 MB
Geek Syndicate – Episode 40 Mid Life Crisis Time
Well here we are, at last, the big 40. In typical fashion we have our mid life crisis and decide to change the format up a bit. This week no news but rather a crazy mix of answering listener questions and the week that was.Dave finally watches the Smallville season finale. Indy 4 first movie image baby! The first image of Ming the Merciless’s rubbish!We also chat about DC’s countdown..enjoy! and roll on episode 50!!


DATE: Tue, 19 Jun 2007
SIZE: 36.1 MB
Geek Syndicate – Episode 39
Last one to go before the big 40 (cool that rhymed). In this week’s episode we chat about City of Heroes and the upcoming DC comics MMORG. We also do a live performance of one of the tracks from the new Transformers movie soundtrack. We chat about the I am Legend and Babylon 5: The Lost Tales trailers and we look at the first two episodes of the web only sci-fi show Sanctuary. In our main feature we take you on on an epic journey to meet some of favourite mentors from movies,books,comics and real life.Last and least discover what happens when David Monteith is left alone for a microphone for more than two minutes. It’s not pretty listening people, so enjoy…if you can!


DATE: Sun, 10 Jun 2007
SIZE: 31.8 MB
Geek Syndicate Episode 38
Welcome back to the warm embrace of the Geek Syndicate people. In today action pack episode discover; The Geek Syndicate’s philosophy of life, What Ghostbuster we would be, who’s cooler Shredder or Skeletor and how we would have ended Superman Returns. We chat about Thundercats the movie and robots that pour your beer (I know the future’s looking bright). Our week that was is given entirely over to a review of season one of heroes. In today’s main feature we discuss those books that influenced us as kids. So go in enjoy an hour (a little bit) of Geek Syndicate goodness!!



DATE: Sat, 02 Jun 2007
SIZE: 37.7 MB
Geek Syndicate Episode 37
We are still joined by resident non geek Amaechi as we discuss He man, Jericho, pretend bionic fights, the Book of Eli, The Pirates of the Caribbean demo for the Xbox 360 and why movie to game tie ins are so crap. Dave’s lack of invisible fighting skills is called into question as Amaechi reveals his secret past as an invisible cage fighter. In our main feature we chat about what fictional places we’d like to visit and those we wouldn’t want to be caught dead in. The chat goes all over the place…enjoy. Apologies for some of the sound distortion on this episode we had the recording levels too high I reckon…oops.



DATE: Sun, 27 May 2007
SIZE: 56.3 MB
Geek Syndicate Episode 36
This week we’re joined once again by the official Geek Syndicate Non Geek Amacehi. Together we check out the new Transformers trailer. Dave has a broadband meltdown(cover your ears kids). We discuss the fors and against of movie end credits, the heroes spin off, Sims the movie, Midnighter, Jetta:Tales of the Toshigawa and more. Dave new superhero….’Man Whore’ is unveiled to an unsuspecting world (not pretty trust me). Our main feature looks at some of our favourite strong female characters from comics, books, movie and TV. Also the listener of the month for June is announced…enjoy!



DATE: Sun, 20 May 2007
SIZE: 45.1 MB
Geek Syndicate – Ep 35 Coming soon to a TV screen near you
Welcome again to the hallowed halls of Geekdom as we take a look at the Halo 3 multiplayer beta, the Smallville and The Batman cartoon season finales (well one of us does anyway). We check out some casting news on some of the new comic book movies coming your way. There’s more evil afoot as well from out arch enemies over at emotiv systems (or epoch to you and I). In this week’s special join us as we examine some of the new shows coming across the pond from our American brethren this autumn(which means we’ll get them over here in about five years). Watch out for the Barry’s meltdown over the portrayal of computer geeks on tv (it’s not pretty). Keep listening to the end for some extended after show clips…enjoy


DATE: Fri, 18 May 2007
SIZE: 43.6 MB
Geek Syndicate – Episode 34 The Con is still on!!!
We conclude our coverage of the 2007 Bristol Con (Dry those tears, we still have the Birmingham Con in October). We hand out some awards to some of the comedy legends we met at the Con. Later on in the evening Dave takes us on a whistle stop tour around the bar chatting with a bevy of women who attended the con who many different reasons. This drunken idea of Dave’s actually turned out a lot more interesting, thought provoking and funny than you would think. Enjoy…

DATE: Tue, 15 May 2007
SIZE: 26.2 MB
Geek Syndicate Ep 33 – The Con is on!
It’s the Bristol Comic Convention versus the Geek Syndicate and friends. Will Bristol or the world ever be the same again? Over the next two nail biting episodes we’ll find out! Enjoy!


DATE: Tue, 08 May 2007
SIZE: 59.3 MB
Geek Syndicate – Episode 32
Welcome to Episode 32(cue trumpets and fanfare). First off apologies that this episode is over 2 hours. We has such a laugh recording this episode that time kinda went out of the window. We discuss the end of 52 and the upcoming Countdown. We also take a look at the new sci-fi series that is only available on the internet. Our main feature covers some of our favourite sidekicks (yes even kid sidekicks) from movies, tv, comics and books. Enjoy!


DATE: Mon, 30 Apr 2007
SIZE: 45.1 MB

GS Episode 31 – Spidey 3 Spolier free and spoilerful review
This is it, we’ve fought off the sony ninjas long enough to bring you our exclusive spoiler free and spoilerful (hmm is spoilerful even a word?!!) review of Spiderman 3. Also we finally declare war on Epoc and its masters (well Barry does Dave is far more interested in twins). We discuss more news from Indy 4, DC’s World War III, Deja Vu, Sunshine and Dave reveals his obsession for a certain well known actress. Enjoy…and be warned we give you enough advance warning during the episode but there are major, major spoilers in our spolierful Spiderman 3 review.

Geek Syndicate – Episode 30


We discuss Spidey the musical, Dresden files, Die Hard 4, The Bourne Ultimatum, Angel season 6 the comic? There’s a rant about the trend of ‘music inspired by’ soundtracks After surviving a brief attack by Sony Ninjas we move onto 52 and focus in on the Question and Renee’s storyline. Our main feature is an interview with Mike Allwood one of the organisers of Bristol’s comic con taking place next month. Mike gives us an exclusive rundown of the show’s schedule Enjoy…




DATE: Fri, 20 Apr 2007
SIZE: 16.6 MB
Geek Syndicate – Ep 29 Attack of the Sony Ninjas
Due to an attack of the Sony Ninjas Department our review of Spiderman 3 (which would’ve come out today) from the special press screening we attended on Wednesday has been embargoed. To tide you over until we can release the review (hopefully the week the movie is released) we have put together this short special episode dedicated to the spidey 3 press screening experience. We also throw out a bit of geek news too as a bit of a bonus. Enjoy… Ps As there was some sound issues with their promo we’re once again playing the Geek Savants promo at the end of the episode. Sorry guys hopefully we’ll play it at the right speed this time!




DATE: Tue, 17 Apr 2007
SIZE: 48.0 MB
Geek Syndicate Episode 28 – LOTM
At last, after a whole host of recording/editing problems, episode 28 is ready for consumption. We are joined by listener of the month Sam as we tackle such thorny issues Indy 4, Flash Gordon and news surrounding a potential Green Arrow movie. We also bask in the glory of planet Hulk before we bid a sad farewell to the epiphany that is Life on Mars. All of the dry slaps for this episode have been reserved for the Sci-Fi Channel and its scheduling fiasco with the Dresden File episodes. Enjoy…




DATE: Mon, 09 Apr 2007
SIZE: 53.0 MB
Geek Syndicate Episode 27
This week Dominos Pizza gets a dry slap (don’t ask) before we even get started. We then discuss the launch of the fabled ps3 and the start of the console wars. We dive into some more Indy 4 casting news, Smallville, some news on the distant cousins of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the return of the infamous game to movie director Uwe Boll. Our main feature welcomes the return of our resident non geek Amaechi and his reviews of the first comics his read since childhood….enjoy!




DATE: Sun, 01 Apr 2007
SIZE: 24.5 MB
Geek Syndicate – Episode 26
In light of our bout of drunkenness in last week’s episode we decided to take a second look at 300 the day after we sorry. Don’t worry as we cover all new (and coherent) stuff this time so hopefully shouldn’t be a rehash of what you’ve already heard. We once again slam the never ending stream of wacky kid sidekicks. We also look at the series finale of Stargate, some Doctor Who news and our trademark Geek Syndicate ‘Smallville is Rubbish’ policy is finally put to the test. Enjoy…



DATE: Sun, 25 Mar 2007
SIZE: 22.1 MB
Geek Syndicate – Episode 25 The Drunk Syndicate
Here we are at last our 25th episode. Unlike Captain Americaâs 25th issue I doubt weâre going to hit the mainstream media. So how do celebrate this milestone? Why by recording possibly our worst episode yet. The fault of this can be laid at the feet of former friend to the showâ.whisky. So prepare to cringe as we stumble our way through The Dresden Files, The Helmet of Fate, Dr strange the oath. We then give our post pub ramblings on the new 300 movie. Oh and then there’s the drunken singing, lots of drunken singing. You have been warnedâ




DATE: Thu, 22 Mar 2007
SIZE: 21.4 MB
Comic Book Noise meets Geek Syndicate
In this special episode of Comic Book Noise we were interviewed by it’s host Derek Coward. The interview was done back in Feb and we know some of our forum members may have heard this but for all you others we thought you might like to hear it…..enjoy!!!Apologies to those who have already heard this.

DATE: Mon, 19 Mar 2007
SIZE: 46.5 MB
Geek Syndicate – Episode 24
Warning!!! This episode contains swearing from the outset and moderate violence(of the dry slap variety). This episode also has scenes of ranting on Stargate Sg1, the initiative and Harry Potter. There are also reviews of the Lost Room and The Prestige as well as a new feature âComics for Beginnersâ. And find out what it takes to be a Patrioteer!



DATE: Sun, 11 Mar 2007
SIZE: 91.5 MB
Geek Syndicate – Episode 23
Another Monday, another episode. In this week’s adventure through geekdom we discuss further Indy 4 revelations,Doctor Who auction and Shazam the movie. We also uncover the beginnings of a world wide conspiracy,find a hidden watchmen treat and discuss the big big news event that hit the comics world this week. We also find a new job for resident non geek Amaechi.Our special feature focuses on some of our fave spaceships from tv,cartoons and movies.Warning this episode contains MAJOR spoliers for Captain America 25,The Mighty Avengers 1 and Civil War: The Initiative 1…you have been warned but still enjoy!!!!


DATE: Mon, 05 Mar 2007
SIZE: 92.2 MB
GS Episode 22 – Return of the Dark Syndicate
Thanks to the travesty that was Civil War Frontline 11 the Dark Syndicate make an unwelcome return. Despair as they rant on just about everything including, the proposed new Star Trek movie, A new hairstyle to rival Tom Hanks’ Da Vinci code wig of doom, Lost and an new mind control device masquerading as a gaming accessory(no we’re not kidding). None of this compares to what lay in wait for the civil war frontline issue.


DATE: Fri, 02 Mar 2007
SIZE: 58.0 MB

Geek Syndicate episode 21 LOTM pt 2
Well everyone another week draws to a close and we see you out in fine style with part two of our listener of the month, Eric. We finish off with a discussion of some of our favourite villains (we missed Khan dammit!…how did we miss Khan?)…enjoy and stayed tuned for some behind the scenes extra stuff at the end.


DATE: Wed, 28 Feb 2007
SIZE: 19.4 MB

roguespirit special 1: Colourful Interview
An interview on colourful talk radio with Henry Bonsu regarding my upcoming documentary


DATE: Mon, 26 Feb 2007
SIZE: 78.6 MB

GS Episode 21 – Listener of the month pt 1
Well after our massive 3 part anniversary episode we move onto our other big event (no not civil war issue 8).. our listener of the month. We welcome Eric aka the question from the forum and he gives his thoughts on Smallville (well why wouldnÃïït he?).We chat about, the new justice league movie, a remake of a classic sci-fi movie,new casting and scandals for the world of Doctor who, some annoying Indy 4 news and some plot details on the new Transformers flick. There is also some earth shattering news for Smallville ( I know earth shattering and Smallville donÃïït always work but trust us). Out main feature covers civil war issue 7 and we look at the series as a wholeÃïÂenjoy!!!


DATE: Fri, 23 Feb 2007
SIZE: 56.8 MB

Geek Syndicate – Episode 20 Part 3
Well this is it folks part 3 of our 20th anniversary draws to a close with some heated discussions over Batman Begins as well as Superman Returns, Constantine and V for Vendetta to name a few. We then look forward to what’s coming on the DC movie front. We also take a quick look at some of the DC inspired fan films that are out there…enjoy! (apologies for some of the sound issues in these special episodes)


DATE: Wed, 21 Feb 2007
SIZE: 58.6 MB

Geek Syndicate – Episode 20 Part 2
After the high points of Superman I & II we descend into the DC comics to Movies dark times which include Supergirl,Steel,Batman & Robin, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and last and always least Catwoman. Hope you enjoy this 2nd part of out mammoth 3 part 20th anniversary special. As an extra we’ve also included a review we’ve been sitting on for a while of the indie graphic novel Falling


DATE: Mon, 19 Feb 2007
SIZE: 62.1 MB
Geek Syndicate – episode 20
Who would have thought it? Here we are celebrating our 20th episode. In the first of a three part special on top of the usual stuff(yes smallville does get mentioned) we talked about DC Comic inspired movies. Joining the party is non geek extraordinaire Amaechi.Enjoy and roll on episode 50!!!

DATE: Mon, 12 Feb 2007
SIZE: 85.5 MB
Geek Syndicate – Episode 19
In this episode we pose some serious questionsHow can an innocent mail order comic catalogue be mistaken for porn?Giant spiders in Role Playing Games for the PC…why?How would we treat each other in a disaster movie situation?..(the answer is not good).Why are we having to air a second apology this time to an entire nation?Death and evolution in Comics,TV and books ..good or bad? (Thanks to Derek Coward of Comic Book Noise as his episode 72 was the inspiration for our little chat)…enjoy!

DATE: Mon, 05 Feb 2007
SIZE: 73.4 MB
GS Episode 18 – Welcome to the Dark Syndicate
After a week from hell the Geek Syndicate guys have been pushed over the edge. To take up the slack the Dark Syndicate, their evil alter, egos take over for this weekÃïïs episode. Be warned there is explicit language from the outset as they rant over Indy 4, Harry Potter, Smallville, The Lost Room and Rocky 6. They then turn their wrath up to full as they look at some upcoming tv pilots. So meet evil dread and the B!%t*&d ÃïÂyouÃïïve been warned

DATE: Mon, 29 Jan 2007
SIZE: 77.1 MB
Geek Syndicate – Episode 17
In this episode we chat and argue over, Doctor Who season 3,300, Episode 1 of The Lost Room and episode 1 of The Dresden Files and some other stuff. We contact a listener at randon from our forum who gets to asks about our fave films. See if you can spot the part of this episode where we completely forget we’re doing a’s a clue GET YER GEEK ON NINJAS!



DATE: Fri, 26 Jan 2007
SIZE: 61.8 MB
Geek Syndicate – episode 16
Heath our Listener of the month is still with us as we talk more comics, probe the intricacies of comic book to film romances and how badly they’ve been handled and why. Heath then is witness to some shocking truths about Dave (Lex Luthor) Monteith that threaten to shatter the syndicate asunder. After the show heath and I head down to the Geek Syndicate canteen with a bit of chat with a few guys from the forum so keep listening. In true Lord of the Rings style see if you can figure out how many times we try to end this episode…enjoy.



DATE: Wed, 24 Jan 2007
SIZE: 47.7 MB
GS Episode 15 – Video Games to Movie adaptations
Surprise and welcome to a one off midweek special episode. Again we are joined by old friends Clive and Amaechi to prove that we cover all areas of geekdon. So join us as we take a whistle stop tour through the top 20 grossing video games to movie adaptations. Learn about Daveâs secret Pokemon fetish, discover the one adaptation that is so bad it earns the first ever liquid nitrogen slap. Discover the hidden dangers of co-op gaming with our good friend Matt…enjoy!


DATE: Mon, 22 Jan 2007
SIZE: 79.0 MB
Geek Syndicate Episode 14 – Listener of the Month
In this episode we are joined by our listener of the month Heath who gives us a run for money with his hosting skills and his mini Smallville Rant. We also chat about Smallville’s Justice episode and Indiana Jones 4 before reviewing Eragon (here’s a clue… five dry slaps!), the Athena Voltaire web comic and discussing some the books of Steven King and the late great David Gemmell. Oh and make sure you listen right to the end…enjoy!

DATE: Mon, 22 Jan 2007
SIZE: 79.0 MB
Geek Syndicate Episode 14 – Listener of the Month
In this episode we are joined by our listener of the month Heath who gives us a run for money with his hosting skills and his mini Smallville Rant. We also chat about Smallville’s Justice episode and Indiana Jones 4 before reviewing Eragon (here’s a clue… five dry slaps!), the Athena Voltaire web comic and discussing some the books of Steven King and the late great David Gemmell. Oh and make sure you listen right to the end…enjoy!


DATE: Thu, 18 Jan 2007
SIZE: 69.8 MB
Geek Syndicate – Ep 13 The Marvellous Movies of Marvel
Well as a little treat to all our listeners you get two episodes this week. In this special episode we are joined by special guests Amaechi and Clive for an in depth look at the past, present and future movies based on Marvel Comics. Be warned this episode contains major rants on Fantastic Four, Electra, The Punisher and Catwoman. Yes I know itÃïïs not a Marvel character but whereÃïïs the fun if you canÃïït trash the Catwoman movie a littleÃïÂenjoy and watch for the DC Movie special coming to an mp3 player near you soon.


DATE: Mon, 15 Jan 2007
SIZE: 69.5 MB
Geek Syndicate Episode 12
In this week’s episode we come up with a solution to Marvel’s many Civil War woes (in a word stick figures) as we look forward to the Bristol Comic Con. Dave’s size 11’s end up in his mouth as we talk 52. In our main feature we look at some of the stuff we watched over the Christmas period and beyond. So, with no further ado, listen as we go on an adventure with Sarah Jane, notch Robin Hood’s final arrow, discover the ruby in the smoke with Billie Piper, put the fro in Afro Samurai and finally take a much deserved torch to Torchwood. (lots of spoilers in this episode by the way)…enjoy!


DATE: Sun, 07 Jan 2007
SIZE: 79.9 MB
Geek Syndicate – Episode 11 Kudos to Kudos
In this episode we focus on Spooks,Hustle and Life on mars TV shows which are all under the banner of Kudos productions. We also share our thoughts/rants on the last harry potter book, The Doctor Who Christmas special and a few other odds and ends. We are also joined by special guest star and non-geek Amaechi, who some may remember from the Smallville special.Also lots of apologies as the sound isn’t great on this episode as we were trying some new equipment which had not been properly configured. Hope this doesn’t spoil things too much..enjoy!


DATE: Tue, 02 Jan 2007
SIZE: 38.6 MB
Geek Syndicate – episode 10 part 2
Welcome to 2007 the Year of Geek Syndicate!(we hope).We finish off our first two parter with a look forward at some of the films,tv,books and comics we can’t wait for. Due to the time on our look forward we were able to throw in a review of the new Hellboy cartoon!It is , however, our duty to warn you that War of Worlds is mentioned during this episode as it seems Barry can’t remember that the movie came out in 2005 not 2006…the fool anyway enjoy!


DATE: Wed, 27 Dec 2006
SIZE: 58.6 MB
Geek Syndicate – Episode 10 Part 1
On this our tenth episode we decide to have our first epic two part episode. We take a fond look back at the highs and lows of 2006 in the world of films,tv,books and comics. Be warned this episode contains some major ranting!


DATE: Mon, 18 Dec 2006
SIZE: 65.0 MB
Geek Syndicate – Episode 9
Have no fear episode 9 is here. We do a little bit of news (including a new film that I guarantee you will not believe) after a quick hello from Santa and his helper Xmas man. We then skip the week that was (back next week) for a no holds barred look at Classic Geek TV special. We talk and bitch about such notable classics as Buck Rogers, star trek, Airwolf, The A-team and many moreÃïÂalthough we did forget the six million dollar man ( I know we should be punished with six million dry slaps).


DATE: Mon, 18 Dec 2006
SIZE: 4.90 MB
Geek Syndicate Singalong a Christmas
Episode nine will be out later today but with a week to the big festive day Geek Syndicate presents our first annual five minute Singalong a Christmas spectacular Enjoy and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your kin. From Geek Syndicate


DATE: Mon, 11 Dec 2006
SIZE: 71.0 MB
Geek Syndicate – Episode 8 Birmingham Comicon antics
The Birmingham comicon review episode Find out what happened to Barry in the toilet with colorist Matt Hollingsworth and a chinese boy! Danielle Corsetta speaks out of her ass Charlie Adlard interupts Michael Lark Markosia gives stuff away – surprise! Monkeys and Robots Battle Q!PAW and GS have their first epic battle MarcusQ reveals his gorgeous girlfirend and lots of people get very very drunk


DATE: Thu, 07 Dec 2006
SIZE: 19.5 MB
GeeK Syndicate – The Promo
This is a special promo featuring clips from our Podcast so far. If you listen to us already and want to hear some of our fave bits then by all means continue downloading. If however you’ve never heard of us this may help you to become a convert…go on it’s only 20 minutes long…20 minutes that could change your listening habits forever.


DATE: Mon, 04 Dec 2006
SIZE: 66.2 MB
Geek Syndicate Episode 7 – The hangover episode
We apologise for the general apathy and lethargy displayed during episode 7. This was due to circumstances (alcohol) beyond our control. Anyway in this episode we discuss the delights of some of the games on the Xbox 360 namely Dead Rising (a teddy bear as an offensive weapon surely not), Gears of War and Rainbow Six Las Vegas. The upcoming Preacher TV series is discussed as well the new Starship Troopers movie. Dave rants about the Sony mp3 player and Barry finally blows his top over Smallville. Several new Tv soundtracks are also mentioned. In the middle of all of this we do our most difficult review so farÃïÂthe last ever (barring the epilogue) issue of Planetary and out thoughts on the series as a whole (minor spoilers). Oops.. nearly forget and the competition winner is announced.


DATE: Tue, 28 Nov 2006
SIZE: 65.6 MB
The name’s Syndicate….Geek Syndicate 006
In episode 6 we respond to some listener comments regarding the new Robin Hood tv show (SPOILER ALERT). We discuss what we think of heroes so far and reveal some casting news for the show. We also cover the upcoming Buffy season eight comic. There are also our thoughts on the new Rocky movie, the worldstorm comics and the Minx range of comics being aimed at the teenage girl market. The final nail is hammered into Garth Ennis’ Boys. A listener is surprised with an impromptu phone call…so remember next time it could be you! Also for the first time we actually discuss some gaming namely Superman Returns and Marvel Ultimate Alliance (Dr Strange rules!!) on the Xbox 360. Finally the name’s Syndicate…Geek Syndicate. At last we review Casino Royale (MILD SPOILER ALERT).


DATE: Thu, 23 Nov 2006
SIZE: 19.5 MB
Geek Syndicate – Candid Special
So we are 10 podcasts in and by now you must be wondering what happens after an episode ends. Well wait no more in this special episode the skype recording software was left running without Dave’s knowledge and we decided to put out the results. Learn what the Worldstorm is as well as our concerns about the Boys. We also cover Star Wars Legacy, The Exterminators, DMZ and the Walking Dead. We also decided just whose side were on with Marvel’s Civil War. By the end of this episode you will also learn just what the Geek Syndicate fears the most, even more than lions or nutters who think they are werewolves. Apologies to listeners who don’t read comics as this special is nearly all about comics. Give it a listen anyway you may like what you hear…enjoy.


DATE: Tue, 21 Nov 2006
SIZE: 71.3 MB
Geek Syndicate Episode 5 – Celebrations and Comic Conventions
In this episode we celebrate our 10th podcast. Now we know this is our 5th episode but with our special episodes this makes ten. We also wanted something to celebrate so there! Anyway after the fanfare or lack of dies down we get back to our mission of talking crap. We reveal our plans to save the Halo movie, a new sword and sorcery animated film with a seriously epic voice cast. The potential train wreck that could be Babylon 5 The Lost Tales is covered. If it’s sex, politics and intrigue with a sci fi slant you after we look at the upcoming Battlestar Galactica spin off Capica. For our special feature we drag Shane Chebsey, one of the organisers of next month’s Birmingham comic show kicking and screaming off the street to discuss such loft topics as Booze, the thin line between geeks and psychos, why Ultimate Avengers is so crap oh and some stuff about his work with small press and some exclusive insight and information on next month’s comic show. Yes and once again we bitch about Smallville and Torchwood.


DATE: Wed, 15 Nov 2006
SIZE: 43.7 MB
Geek Syndicate – Sword and Sorcery Special
Years passed and rumours began to rumble through the outland kingdoms about a pair of fearless adventurers. Warriors, who roamed trackless deserts, mighty mountains and shining seas. These rumours grew into legends about these men who were at once; buccaneers, slaves, rouges and now Geeks for hire. This is the tale of the time the Geek Syndicate crossed swords with the keeper of the vaults of Telos. Their quest was to find classic sword and sorcery movies lost in the mists of time and space. To discard the unworthy (dungeons and dragons) and bring back the treasured few (Lord of the rings, Conan, Excalibur) for the whole kingdom to enjoy, no matter the risk. Come with me now and listen to a Podcast of high adventure!


DATE: Mon, 13 Nov 2006
SIZE: 40.9 MB
Geek Syndicate Episode 4
In this episode we argue over…sorry I mean we discuss and debate in an intelligent manner the merits of a talking yoda mug vs a talking usb tardis. We have a few listener shout outs before celebrating the demise of the Fantastic Four cartoon. We give a brief nod to fallen heroes in this case Jack Palance and composer Basis Poledouris There are also reviews of Nightly News issue 1, The Helltown novel as well as a couple of words on the upcoming Superman returns game on the Xbox 360. We also review the title track for the new James bond film. We also reveal details of our first ever competition! Warning: This Podcast contains explicit language, one scene of female impersonation and even more explicit singing.


DATE: Mon, 06 Nov 2006
SIZE: 43.7 MB
Geek Syndicate Torchwood Special Episode
To all the Geek Syndicate listeners, my name is Bucky a friend of the guys you will know if you listen to the show.I received this mp3 by encrypted email from David yesterday with intructions that should I receive no word from either of them by monday I should publish this podcast.As yet I have been unable to reach Barry or David and I fear the worst. I told them not to review the first three episodes of Torchwood that there are those that might not like what they have to say. That there would be factions outside of the law,beyond the government who would stop at nothing to stop Geek Syndicate from revealing massive spoliers for each of the three episodes.Sadly after listening to the show I was more right I could have dreamed.Listen to perhaps the Geek Syndicate’s last ever podcast and make your own minds up.


DATE: Sun, 29 Oct 2006
SIZE: 61.4 MB
Geek Syndicate Episode 3 Halloween Legends
Welcome weary traveller my name is Bucky. Here take this flagon of ale and warm yourself by the fire.Ah, I see you are intrigued by the picture over the fireplace. Who are they? They were Geek Syndicate, brave geeks and true who travelled the world in search of rare Comics, Books, TV, Shows, Movies for the pleasure of other geeks…oh and to fight evil.A story you say? Here take this Podcast, but be warned, there are tales (and singing) within this Podcast that will freeze your blood and singing that could shatter your Ipod (sorry Tony aka MobileHome).In this, our special all hallows eve, episode we review Athena Voltaire issue 1 so in honour of that review the rest of this will be done in a pulp adventure style.Will the Syndicate be able to escape the electronic clutches of the listener questions and comments?What are the Geeks scariest Comics, Movies, TV shows and books?Cower in fear as Barry and Dave relate the true tales of their battle with a werewolf in a North London council estate and face down Vampires in Highgate cemetery.Learn why was there not enough time to review Torchwood?Gasp as the Geeks discover there may be a great evil within the Syndicate and his name is Peter.


DATE: Fri, 20 Oct 2006
SIZE: 16.0 MB
Geek Syndicate – Smallville Special Episode
Smallville, its 6 seasons in and the Syndicate are not happy. Find out why? It’s only 17 min long and we introduce you to Amaechi, the 3rd member of the Syndicate. Can you guess how many dry slaps Smallville is gonna get?Be warned we were having some problems with the skype so the quality isn’t great but our new IT technician Chloe Sullivan promises to have us back to normal for our next full episode (in between saving the world again with her super duper laptop).


DATE: Mon, 16 Oct 2006
SIZE: 61.7 MB
Geek Syndicate – episode 2
Its episode 2 or 3 depending on which way you look at it and we really go for it this episode. Its our first skype episode so please excuse the poor quality.We talk about the new Clone Wars cartoon. Barry gets excited about the new James Bond movie which leads to an argument about fashion. We almost fall out over the new movie Eragon and more bad words are said about the Fantastic Four.David waxes lyrical about Criminal and Bone and Barry does the same about Criminal Macabre and Artemis FowlThe new Legion of Superheroes cartoon comes under scrutiny and we diuscuss the upcoming Dr Who spinoff -TorchwoodFinally we discuss the season premieres of Battlestar Galactica and Heroes.Look out for another special episode later this week when we destroy Smallville.


DATE: Wed, 11 Oct 2006
SIZE: 28.6 MB
Special Episode – Robin Hood Review
Because our adoring public (well Spiderfan) have demanded it and because it makes a change for us in the UK to get to see a series before our trans atlantic cousins. We review the 1st episode of the new Robin Hood series on the BBC.If there’s any other topics,shows,movies you want to cast a professional, if slightly drunken eye over then drop us line.Enjoy


DATE: Sun, 08 Oct 2006
SIZE: 55.1 MB
Geek Syndicate Episode 1
Barry & David talk about the first comics they ever read.David talks about Labyrinth a novel by Kate Mosse (not the model)The boys give a tribute to the late David Gemmell; make some comments about Alex Ross’s Justice and Barry gives his opinon on the Miami Vice movie.And then we take apart the Star Wars saga – movie by movie.This episode is bought to you by Glenfiddich Malt Whiskey……a lot of Glenfiddich Malt Whiskey.Enjoy

DATE: Sat, 30 Sep 2006
SIZE: 53.2 MB
Geek Syndicate episode 0 – Origins
In this episode we introduce ourselves, and talk about The Boys issue 1&2; Union Jack – or at least the cover of it; Rex Mundi 1 and the latest months of 52. We also disect the choice of Heath Ledger as the Joker and have a balanced discussion about the new Fantastic Four cartoon. Oh and we get slowly very drunk.Intro/Outro music – Illusions by J M CruizSection Breaks – Too Tired at Twelve by Lima Baterflai


Your podcast guide to the murky world of geekdom





2 Responses to “GS Back Issues”

  1. Donnie Says:

    I am an illustrator recently relocated to London, I have been working mostly in tv before, I am desperately trying to get into comic book illustration in the UK, I really don’t know how to start, is there any advise you could give me, or people who deal with this that you could possibly put me in touch with, I would be ever greatfull.

    This is my blog:

    Kind Regards

  2. geeksyndicate Says:

    Hey Donnie, thanks for leaving a comment and thanks for leaving the question.

    One of the good ways is to get along to the UK comic conventions and meet some of the other artists, creators and publishers that are out there. The next big convention is the birmingham international comic show which is in october (

    You could also join our forum ( and post your message there as we have a lot of artists/ writers and a few indie publishers who drop by who might be able to give you some more specific advice. You could maybe see if there are any writers who want to work with you on something.

    Worth a try. Hope that helps!


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