Birds of Geek

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A female comics podcast done from two sides of the pond


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2 Responses to “Birds of Geek”

  1. Emma Vieceli Says:

    Hey girls ^_^
    I went on a podcast hunt today whilst working, and had heard good things about you – so here I am!
    Listening to one of your eps as I type!

    Take care

    (btw, you just mentioned anime and manga events in the UK on the cast; it’s worth me jumping in and mentioning that the London MCM Expo is probably the largest event in the UK at the moment…it’s an all-round geek-fest, and features comics, manga, anime as well as sci fi, film and wotnot…about 20,000 visitors in a weekend, so not bad for little old UK)

  2. Amy Says:

    Cheers for the comment, make sure you let us know what you think. I’d love to chat about the different cons with you so drop me an email

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