The UK Comic Book Podcasts Group

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When the world of podcasting faced it’s darkest hour six extraordinary individuals came to together to form The UKCPG.

The UK Comic Book Podcasts Group

Who is the UKCPG?

We began as a trinity of UK based podcasts that covers comics and all other areas of geekdom. There was Amy and Denise ( our podcasting US ambassodor) of Birds of Geek, Matt and Jon, the QPAW guys and Dave and Barry of Geek Syndicate

But as time drew on so did the evil they faced and the trinity realised that their combined podcasting power was not enough to stem the growing darkness. So the call went out for other podcasts to join the fight and join they did!

Comic Racks

Comic Book Outsiders


Waiting For The Trade

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The main UK C.B.P.G wallpaper,banner and Geek Syndicate art was designed and created by our good friend Seraphyn look out for his website coming soon.

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