Comic Racks Episode 19 – Everybody Loves Paul, Woo hoo!


In this momentous episode the ladies do away with their usual format in order to bring you their very first creator interview with none other than the frankly rather awesome Paul Cornell.

Paul has dipped his toe into the wonderful world of comics on many an occasion, writing stories such as Wisdom, Judge Dredd Megazine’s XTNCT and the currently running (and fucking brilliant) Captain Britain and MI:13 series, to name but a few. As well as working in the comics world, Paul has penned some of the best episodes of Doctor Who to grace our TV screens (Human Nature and Family Of Blood, anyone?), several Doctor Who novels and audio shows, and episodes for top series’ such as Primeval, Robin Hood and Casualty.

During the interview, the girls quiz Paul about his upcoming projects, whether being a writer makes watching shows/reading books more difficult from a technical point of view, and whether he’s had any unnerving fan experiences (other than Stacey professing her undying love for him at Bristol Convention earlier this year, of course.)

To top the episode off, we pick our Rack Music for this fortnight; both of which turn out to be rather geekily inspired as one of us riffs on a Watchmen theme while the other takes inspiration from Wisdom #3.

All this as well as some insights into Paul’s writing history, advice for budding writers and some good old fashioned swearing.

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Comic Racks Episode 18 – Secret Quotation – We are Awesome


After the weeks of waiting, we finally reveal the mystery behind Secret Quotation. Keep an ear out in this episode for the Comic Racks portion of our UK Comics Podcast Group-wide competition! To be in with a chance of winning awesome prizes such as Noble Causes V1 & 2, an assortment of Virgin trades, a Wisdom trade and other splendid stuff to be announced, all you have to do is find the comic movie quote embedded within this episode, identify the film, then find the quotes from the same film in the other UK podcasts; Geek Syndicate (Episode 90), Quiet! Panelolgists At Work (Episode 45), Comic Book Outsiders (to be announced) and Birds Of Geek (to be announced). You have until the end of August to send your email containing your name, the title of the film, and all five secret quotations to Good luck!

Anyhoo, on with the show! In this accidentally long episode, the girls tackle the topic of comic book movies, announcing some of their favourites, some of their, ahem, not-so-favourites, some they haven’t seen yet but would like to see, and some upcoming movies that have them squirming in their seats with anticipation!

On top of this comes all the regular bumph; Stace discusses her Things To Do Before She’s 30 achievements, Iz warms to Guitar Hero 3 now she isn’t getting booed off stage and both girls get excited at all the Rack-related news! Well, wouldn’t you get excited at the prospect of interviewing Paul Cornell, having Jamie Smart on the show and being in a comic?? Thought so 😉

During the reviews, the Ladies of the Racks unite in their enjoyment of The Uniques #1 and 2, continue their squabbling over whether the art in Wolverine Origins really is any good, Stace dispairs at her lack of memory during the reading of Final Crisis #2, and Iz travels down Memory Lane by picking up the Dandy!

All this and The Donnas and Weezer sound too good to be true? Well, it is true, so get to the listening! 😛


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Comic Racks Episode 17 – The One With All The Tangents


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls (go away, you innocent children shouldn’t be hearing this kind of language!), welcome to Episode 17 of Comic Racks; the episode where no-one can stay on topic!

That’s right, it’s Tangent City this episode as Stacey gets hyper on who knows what and Iz, still recovering from concussion, has to deal with that level of craziness.

The girls cover highly important topics this fortnight, from the origins of The Cheeky Girls, to Stacey’s Mr’s giant birthday list, to whether Daniel Craig is a pouty woman or not, plus lots more in between.

But fear not, my comic loving friends, for the girls do get their comic on and bust out a load of reviews, from Kick Ass to Fables, Dock Walloper to Maus, plus a couple of non-comic goodies along the way. This is mostly because they couldn’t think of a proper topic, but hey, it’s all good. During these spoiler-rific reviews Iz proclaims that everything ever is “fucking awesome”, Stace brings everyone down and The Racks it’s first ever joint Top of the Racks. That’s right, folks, there’s a comic out there so awesome that it gets the full Comic Racks endorsement! (Go buy it!)

The regular Rack Music segment sees The Rack Ladies accidentally develop a theme of video game related tunes, though Stace has yet to find out Iz’s verdict on her pick this fortnight.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy a podcast full of random singing, laughs and reviews a-plenty.

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Comic Racks – Episode 16



Join the Racks for Episode 16 – packed full of the usual news, reviews, peeves, Rack music plus all of the usual geeky ramblings 😀

This is one of the more action-packed episodes with tales of Iz’s furious disagreement with her stairs and Stace’s awesome experience seeing not one, but two, of her favourite bands live (much to the concussed Racks dismay).

Our main topic this week is Ask the Racks – Part 3, where the ladies answer a bunch of questions from forumites (and half of Stacey’s family) including: Which superhero film is the best and worst?, which superhero film would you make and who would you cast in the lead?, and have either of you ever ‘converted’ a mate to comics who previously wasn’t interested? and if so, what hooked ’em?

Direct Download: Episode 16

Comic Racks – Episode 15



Firstly, the Ladies of Rackington would like to apologise to you, the wonderful listening public, for the untimely release of this episode. Technical difficulties and unprovoked front door attacks prevented this episode from being released on time, but trust us, it’s worth the wait!

After several months of being completely rubbish, the girls finally get their act together and present to you their second and rather awesome Rackette, the lovely Marcus Q. Join them in the main feature as they discuss Marcus’ comic likes and dislikes, how dyslexia can affect a comic reader and what comic creators and editors could be doing to improve the reading quality of their works.

During the show, Stacey gets excited several times, on topics such as The Futureheads (oh, will she ever shut up about them? I think not), Jamie Smart and awesome looking Transformers covers. As well as all the excitement there are rants a-plenty as Iz slates her Tail of the Racks, and Marcus addresses a friend who borrowed (read: nicked) some books once…

Unfortunately, Mr Q departed before the Rack Music and Peeve segments, but never fear! Iz and Stace produce the goods, as they can never let a good rant lie.

Will Stace disguise herself as Velma to stalk The Futureheads? Will Marcus ever get his books back? Will Iz accept that being “the tits” is, in fact, a good thing? Listen on and find out!



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Comic Racks – Episode 14 – The Tony Lee Love-In Episode



This week the Racks ladies throw structure to the wind and do a rather thorough re-cap of their experiences at the Bristol Comic Expo ’08.

Much fun was had by all as we witnessed cosplay competitions, interesting panels, were harassed by Stormtroopers and got pleasantly toasted.

The hotel is completely ragged upon, the panels are discussed in depth and the girls profess their undying love for Tony Lee and Paul Cornell.

Enjoy smile.gif Listen now!


Direct Download: Comic Racks – Episode 14


Comic Racks – Episode 13


In Episode 13, the Racks present their Top 10 Kick-Ass Female Characters from the comic books, TV, and film 😀 A pretty diverse range of choices have emerged, with only one character being chosen by both ladies 😛

As is now customary with Comic Racks – this episode *will* contain VERY strong language – you have been warned 🙂

Reviews and rants a -plenty can also be found in this episode, along with only one selection of Rack Music being chosen this time by the Stace de la Bob. Iz resists the urge to review Baby Boomers *again*, but (at Stacey’s request) reads out the majority of Ubu Bubu. 

So, join the Racks and listen in on their sage musings on Iron Man, Wesley “what tax bill?” Snipes, almost forming the Neil Googe appreciation society, a coupla stonking Peeves, and a shared Tail of the Racks (dun dun dunnnnnn).

*Spoilers for Ubu Bubu and SiP* 

Special Education #1 – Dave ‘the awesome’ Dwonch
Welcome to Tranquility #9 – #11
Surreal Adventures of Edgar Allan Poo
El Zombo Fantasma

Enjoy smile.gif Listen now!


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