Comic Racks Episode 19 – Everybody Loves Paul, Woo hoo!


In this momentous episode the ladies do away with their usual format in order to bring you their very first creator interview with none other than the frankly rather awesome Paul Cornell.

Paul has dipped his toe into the wonderful world of comics on many an occasion, writing stories such as Wisdom, Judge Dredd Megazine’s XTNCT and the currently running (and fucking brilliant) Captain Britain and MI:13 series, to name but a few. As well as working in the comics world, Paul has penned some of the best episodes of Doctor Who to grace our TV screens (Human Nature and Family Of Blood, anyone?), several Doctor Who novels and audio shows, and episodes for top series’ such as Primeval, Robin Hood and Casualty.

During the interview, the girls quiz Paul about his upcoming projects, whether being a writer makes watching shows/reading books more difficult from a technical point of view, and whether he’s had any unnerving fan experiences (other than Stacey professing her undying love for him at Bristol Convention earlier this year, of course.)

To top the episode off, we pick our Rack Music for this fortnight; both of which turn out to be rather geekily inspired as one of us riffs on a Watchmen theme while the other takes inspiration from Wisdom #3.

All this as well as some insights into Paul’s writing history, advice for budding writers and some good old fashioned swearing.

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Direct Download: Episode 19


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