Secret Quotation Competition


Listen to Birds of Geek 38


Well, it’s been hinted on the UK Comics Podcasts for the past few weeks, and without further ado, Secret Quotation is finally here!

What Is Secret Quotation?
Well, it’s a UK Comics Podcast Group-wide competition, that’s what! 

What Can I Win?
So far, the prize kitty includes a Wisdom trade, an assortment of Virgin trades, Noble Causes V1 & V2, a signed City of Heroes book, Gloom Cookie trade, some signed Jamie Smart stuff (to be confirmed), and various floppies!

How Do I Enter?
As this competition is UKCPG-wide, you’ll need to listen to all 5 of the Secret Quotation episodes; Comic Racks 18, Quiet! Panelologists At Work 45, Geek Syndicate 90, Birds of Geek 38 and Comic Book Outsiders 22. Within each of these episodes is one quote from the same comic book related film. Your job is to guess the film, collect all five quotes, and send your answers in an email to . You have to the end of August to enter, and the winner will be announced early September.

Where Do I Get These Episodes?
Follow the links when they become available:

Comic Racks SQ Episode 18

Birds of Geek Episode 38 (Not yet Available)

Comic Book Outsiders Episode 22 

QPAW Episode 45 

Geek Syndicate Episode 90 

Keep checking this page for updates with new episode links and prize updates as and when the episodes come out/prizes get confirmed. 

Good luck!


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