Geek Syndicate Episode 89



Welcome to our penultimate episode before we head off for a short summer break. So without further ado let’s hit the world of geekdom with a good old right hook!


The Return of Artemis Fowl.

30 Days of Nights’s follow up web series.

Primeval roars into the U.S.

Clone Wars backstory revelations.

David Monteith vs Buzz Aldrin and NASA.

Geek Syndicate’s nemesis EPOCH rears it’s head once again.

Back in time at the Bristol Comic Convention

Liam Sharp of MAMTOR! (pronounced MAMTOOOOOOOR!)

Notes from Nuge and Max the Cat

Indy 4 (A young hero on the rise).

Week that Was

Four feet from a rat (Comic from MAMTOR).

Delve into the world of Paranormal State (TV).

Gotham Knight (DVD).

Main feature

Journey back with the guys to 1999 when the world was at the brink of the apocalypse. They look at some of the movies and tv that were out in that year.



Direct Download: Episode 89


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