Comic Racks Episode 17 – The One With All The Tangents


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls (go away, you innocent children shouldn’t be hearing this kind of language!), welcome to Episode 17 of Comic Racks; the episode where no-one can stay on topic!

That’s right, it’s Tangent City this episode as Stacey gets hyper on who knows what and Iz, still recovering from concussion, has to deal with that level of craziness.

The girls cover highly important topics this fortnight, from the origins of The Cheeky Girls, to Stacey’s Mr’s giant birthday list, to whether Daniel Craig is a pouty woman or not, plus lots more in between.

But fear not, my comic loving friends, for the girls do get their comic on and bust out a load of reviews, from Kick Ass to Fables, Dock Walloper to Maus, plus a couple of non-comic goodies along the way. This is mostly because they couldn’t think of a proper topic, but hey, it’s all good. During these spoiler-rific reviews Iz proclaims that everything ever is “fucking awesome”, Stace brings everyone down and The Racks it’s first ever joint Top of the Racks. That’s right, folks, there’s a comic out there so awesome that it gets the full Comic Racks endorsement! (Go buy it!)

The regular Rack Music segment sees The Rack Ladies accidentally develop a theme of video game related tunes, though Stace has yet to find out Iz’s verdict on her pick this fortnight.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy a podcast full of random singing, laughs and reviews a-plenty.

Direct Download: Episode 17


3 Responses to “Comic Racks Episode 17 – The One With All The Tangents”

  1. jamie Says:

    once again, missus and missuses, you have made my tiny little fluttering ego heart leap a little in needy joy at hearing your glowing review of my comic brain defunctions. it can be weird realising the idiocy one puts to paper can cause someone else to laugh, i still can’t get me head around it. at least i haven’t caused bum floods from anyone yet, thats a physical response i’m not after.
    i think i love your podcast. can i be on it? i don’t know anything about comics or anything, but i can do a dance. it’s obscene and people die though.


  2. Stacebob Says:


    I cannot speak for Iz, but I think it’s fairly safe to say that Sir, we’d love to have you on our Racks! No, this is going all wrong… You’re very welcome to come on the show at some point in the not-too-distant future! Only if you draw us in a comic though 😉 I keed, I keed!

    Glad you dug our review; sometimes I wonder if maybe we should give more insightful comments on art and story and the like, rather than giggles, wheezes and near-death choking on my own laughter, but hey, if it ain’t broke!

    Good day to you, Sir Smarty of Smartsville!

  3. Iz Says:

    Fucking awesome !!!

    Cheers for appreciating our ramblings on UB#2 – it’s true we have so much nerd love for this comic book it makes us look a little unhinged (and my office thanks you for being responsible for me shouting COCK OFF at idiot staff) 😀

    I concur with young Stacebob mate, it would be an honour and a privelage to have the man who invented the phrase ‘Suck my cat nuts’ on the podcast, anytime. We should warn you though that apart from a fluke interview with Paul Cornell we haven’t interviewed anyone else who is famous in the comic book world, so if you weren’t joking and you do want to come on, we cannot promise any form of professionalism, decorum, or sensible coherent chatter…..oh yeah, you’ve already listened to us a bit haven’t you :/

    Sorry, too much coffee – short answer:
    Fucking awesome and what she said 😀 😀

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