Geek Syndicate – Episode 80

Welcome to the last GS before Dave and Barry Jet off to the sunny heights of Bristol for the Bristol Expo. As well as some big news from the world of Smallville Dave hears some news which brings about another fabled Dave and Barry Death in Comics rant(it’s not pretty people).

In our main feature you get not one but two iron man reviews (how’s that for value for money?). First up we have a guaranteed spoiler free review then after the credits right at the end of the episode we have a Spoiler packed review for the movie. You get plenty of warning and hey the guys even will throw in a time stamp so that you know when to stop listening. It will be right at the end of episode so that way you won’t miss out on the usual hi-jinks! Enjoy


Look who’s coming to Smallville next season.

The return of the Sword and the Sorcerer.

The resurrection of yet another Comic book hero…too much?

Notes from Nuge

Transformers the movie

Week that was

More fun with Blake’s Seven

New Incredible Hulk trailer

New Indiana Jones trailer

New Dark Knight Trailer


Ironman Spoiler Free review

Ironman Spoiler full review – starts at 1:06:02…you have been warned! 

See you at Bristol (those that are going!).

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Listen now!
Direct Download: Episode 80

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