Comic Racks – Episode 13


In Episode 13, the Racks present their Top 10 Kick-Ass Female Characters from the comic books, TV, and film 😀 A pretty diverse range of choices have emerged, with only one character being chosen by both ladies 😛

As is now customary with Comic Racks – this episode *will* contain VERY strong language – you have been warned 🙂

Reviews and rants a -plenty can also be found in this episode, along with only one selection of Rack Music being chosen this time by the Stace de la Bob. Iz resists the urge to review Baby Boomers *again*, but (at Stacey’s request) reads out the majority of Ubu Bubu. 

So, join the Racks and listen in on their sage musings on Iron Man, Wesley “what tax bill?” Snipes, almost forming the Neil Googe appreciation society, a coupla stonking Peeves, and a shared Tail of the Racks (dun dun dunnnnnn).

*Spoilers for Ubu Bubu and SiP* 

Special Education #1 – Dave ‘the awesome’ Dwonch
Welcome to Tranquility #9 – #11
Surreal Adventures of Edgar Allan Poo
El Zombo Fantasma

Enjoy smile.gif Listen now!


Direct Download: Comic Racks – Episode 13


11 Responses to “Comic Racks – Episode 13”

  1. Dwight L. MacPherson Says:

    Thanks for including The Surreal Adventures of Edgar Allan Poo in your podcast! I’ll take “mental” as a compliment. 😉
    Keep up the good work!

    Dwight L. MacPherson
    Creator/Writer The Surreal Adventures of Edgar Allan Poo

  2. Stacbob Says:

    Hey Mr MacPherson!

    Nice to see you round these parts (I keep forgetting to check here which means we get very few comments – d’oh!)

    I reckon I’d take mental as a compliment too, and I plan to steal the aforementioned Surreal Adventures from Iz at some point in the future myself; if it never gets mentioned on the podcast again, you know I hated it 😛 I keed, I keed!

    Hope everything’s good with you.

    Stace x

  3. stacebob Says:

    Ugh, not only was I not logged in just then, but I spelt my own name wrong. I’m gonna blame the hayfever/cold I’ve developed for that one…

  4. Dwight L. MacPherson Says:

    Hey, Stacey!
    I enjoyed the podcast–and hope you succeed in stealing the book and enjoy it soooo much you decide to keep it for your very own and… finally give it back. Hahaha. Sorry to hear about the hay fever/cold. Hope you feel better soon. 😉
    I’ll be sure to venture back this way when you release the next episode. Again, the mention is much appreciated.

    The mental Dwight MacPherson

  5. stacebob Says:

    Huh, my reply seems to have disappeared into the ether… Let’s try that again…

    If I read it and like it, I may even buy a copy! I say may, as that totally depends on the strecth-capacity of my pursestrings at the time……

    Anyhoo, thanks for listening; the next episode will be in a fortnights time, and will most likely feature a big old review of Bristol Con and the awesomeness that is Iron Man. Man, I wanna go see it again. Right now.

    Dammit, I’m at work. *sob*

    Stace x

  6. stacebob Says:

    OK, this is the third time I’m typing this out, and I’m not bloody trying again (cos knowing me all three comments will suddenly appear and I’ll look like a right plum…) Ahem, here we go…

    If I like it, I may well buy a copy! I say may, because the purchasement of it entirely depends on the stretch-capacity of my pursestrings at the time…

    Our next episode will be out in roughly a fortnight, and will no doubt be mostly just a big review of Bristol Con and the Irom Man movie. Man, I wanna go see that again. Right now.

    Dammit, I’m at work… *sob*

  7. superugly Says:

    I apologize for my moron co-hosts…I can understand your vernacular perfectly… Brian IS the saint of the group..
    and I also think peeing in a cup is disgusto2000!!

    Stace…and I dont listen to Hip Hop either… it kinda sucks most of the time… Thanks for playing the song.. screamers is really fun.. its dedicated to all the people who stand around in the niteclubs trying to look cool…
    and I am super scary for sure…especially my manboobs

  8. Stacebob Says:

    I still maintain that you’re all cuddly and sweet inside 😛

    What gets me is that Dave wasn’t even peeing in a cup, it was a CD holdy thing! I mean, wow, that’s super-gross. But he wrote Gnome, so I have to let him off (sorta)…

    Thanks for listening Uggers 🙂

  9. jamie Says:


    thank you for the glowing review of Ubu, and the giggling, and the reference to cocks. (sorry it took me so long to comment!). i’m very touched and humbled that you enjoyed the violence and profanity i claim to call a career, and i hope you enjoy issue 2 (out in june) which features more blood, more swearing, and endless amounts of vomit ^_^

    vomit’s funny.

    seriously thank you, your podcast is the tits and made me laff 🙂

  10. stacebob Says:

    Hey Jamie,

    “Your podcast is the tits and made me laff” may well now become our new promote-y type quote. I honestly thought our review was completely bizarre, as we seemed to just laugh an awful lot, but it’s worked; a couple of listeners are picking it up now 😀

    Thanks for the loverly comments like, I look forward to issue two and am currently trying to convince anyone and everyone to buy me Bear 😛


  11. Iz Says:

    :O Bloody hell!!

    cheers Jamie – you are *more* than welcome for the review – UBU BUBU is freaking amazing – and everyone that comes to my house is not allowed to leave until they’ve read it….that might be a slight fib but you get the idea.

    Roll on June and more vomit / blood / swearing..I promise not to give another dramatic reading for issue #2…..

    Ubu Bubu fan #1,

    p.s. I do hope you are going to the Birmingham Comic Con in October 🙂

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