Geek Syndicate – Episode 77

This week we got a Star Wars gangsta rap(all 5 seconds), the Geek Syndicate method for dealing with Terminators. There’s also talk from Dave on how he deals with false Doctor Who fans and a trip back in time to the games, tv and movies that we’re big in the year we left school 1985!

Questions from the Senate

What’s the worst adaptation to movie?

Have we watched Big Bang Theory and what did we think?

What’s your favourite all time non DC or Marvel comic?

Week That Was

Pushing Daises (TV)

Smallville. (TV)

Remote Control K9 (Gadgets)

“Moths ate my Doctor Who Scarf” (Comedy show)

Main Feature

Travel with Geek Syndicate back to 1985 to look at such classics as the A-Team,The Last Dragon,Goonies, Moonlighting and Rambo 2

Notes from Nuge

Doctor Who Season 3

Leave a comment or question for the boys on our new voicemail number.



Listen now!
Direct Download: Episode 77

*No Ewoks were harmed in the making of this episode.


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