Geek Syndicate – Radical Publishing Interview


In this special episode the guys chat with Barry Levine, President of Radical Publishing. Barry explains how we went from being one the top rock photographers in the world,to being a music supervisor then a producer with a first look deal in the comics-to-film entertainment division of Dark Horse Comics and finally to the formation of Radical Publishing.

Barry also explains his former involvement in the Judge Dredd and 30 days of Night movies and the upcoming Rex Mundi Movie starring Johnny Depp.

We get some insight into the various divisions of the company and the comics about to be released within each. He also reveals Radical’s plans for the future and some of it’s upcoming comic to movie adaptations, including a collaboration with John Woo. 

So sit back and enjoy!!!

Listen now!
Direct Download: Radical Publishing Interview


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  1. Barry Levine on the Geek Syndicate. | Radical Studios, Inc. Says:

    […] Barry and Dave had our Barry on board for an interview on all things Radical. Check it out below. addthis_product='wpp-257';var addthis_config={"data_track_clickback":true};var […]

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