Comic Racks – Episode 11


Episode 11 – Pigs are Funny

Back to their regular programming (hopefully), Iz and Stace bring you a lazy, but still rather good if we do say so ourselves, episode of Comic Racks!

In this reviewtastic episode, the ladies talk you through some of their reading and TV watching highlights from the last few weeks. Much rambling on the subject of Torchwood takes place, and Iz finally gets around to starting Death Note, hoorah! Stacebob tries desperately, and quite badly, to describe the sheer brilliance that is Ubu Bubu #1, as Iz reveals a rather controversial Tail of the Racks…

In our not-so-much-news segment, Stace botches a news story about a Whedon musical, Iz muses on the sanity of Tom Cruise and we discuss the pros and cons of spoof movies.

As well as all this juicy content, Stace almost wets herself recalling her brush with the Futureheads, and the ladies finally get Rack Music properly off the ground with our choices for this episode.

Enjoy smile.gif Listen now!

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    Hi Iz & Stace,

    On behalf of Big Life Management and Nul Recordings, many thanks for the (passing!!) plug of The Futureheads … … and thanks, also, on behalf of the management / label and The Futureheads for not posting any pirate links of their upcoming album “This is Not the World” (UK Street date 26th May) although, if you / your readers want good quality, non-pirated, preview tracks, both “The Beginning of the Twist” and “Broke Up The Time” are available for fans and bloggers to post / host / share etc … .. check-out and for details and the latest info on “This is Not the World” and the band’s 2008 tour.



  2. stacebob Says:

    Hey hey,

    No worries on the promotion front 🙂 I looooooooove The ‘Heads and I can’t wait for the release of the new album (expect some serious plugging for that, too, once it’s out and I’ve heard it, cos I’ll no doubt mention it on the podcast 🙂 ) I, myself, have already checked out the preview tracks, but I may post the links up on our forum for the listeners to take a peak at.

    Thanks for listening 😀

    Stace x

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