Geek Syndicate – Episode 74

We finally bring this episode to you after some serious microphone and audio issues, so apologies for the lateness. Now let’s get down to business.

– Dr who Season 4 Start date.
– Perils of Self Publishing.
– New teen casting for Terminator 4.
– Has Tintin finally been cast for the new Spielberg movie? (here’s a clue think Dr who).

Notes from Nuge
– Xmen 3

Special Guest
– Damian co -host of the Kryptographik podcast calling in live from Australia with a surprise for Barry.

Week that Was
– Dan Dare Archives (Red Moon Mystery).
– Regenesis(TV).
– The Twelve (Comic).
– Star Wars Legacy (Comic).
– The Batman (TV).
– Torchwood (TV).

Main Feature
– The winner of the latest Geek Syndicate writing competition is announced!


Enjoy!Direct download : Episode 74

Listen now!
Many thanks again to Lord shaper for the awesome gift!

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