Comic Racks – Episode 9


Saving up a sensible and interesting main topic for the upcoming Episode 10 (who’d have thunk it, eh?), the Racks take the easy way out and answer some more of your burning qusestions in Ask The Racks Part 2: Go Grab A Cheese-string.

Stace’s dressing gown starts to fall apart, Iz continues in her mission to plug Baby Boomers in any way she can, and both girls yet again massacre the English language in their attempt to do some joint reviews.

Hear what the girls think of Dave Dwonch’s Gnome and the Adolescent Radioactive Blackbelt Hamsters, as well as their individual reviews of the TV show Phoo Action, Cable and Deadpool #50, Gail Simone’s Wonder Woman and other such wonderful things.

During their main Ask the Racks section, the girls discuss who they’d stick in a Death Note if they could and Stace addresses the most difficult question she’s ever been asked; Captain America or Deadpool??

It’s rants, rambles and orange-squash fuelled hyperactivity ahoy in this, the Racks final single figured episode!The Rack universe will never be the same again!*


*This may or may not be true…Direct download : Episode 9

Enjoy smile.gif Listen now!


3 Responses to “Comic Racks – Episode 9”

  1. Don Chin Says:

    Hi…is there a problem with the file for Episode 9? I’d love to hear the review of the Black Belt Hamsters!



  2. stacebob Says:

    Ugh, sorry I didn’t reply quickly – I keep forgetting to check this site! *makes mental note to check more often* I think there was a problem, a friend of mine was having some issues, but it seems like it got fixed pretty fast. Let me know if you didn’t get to finish the episode and I’ll see what I can do 🙂

    In the meantime, thanks for listening 😀


  3. Redwill Says:

    Hi, I just recently discovered your podcast with the Paul Cornell ep and I’m trying to get all the previous ones to catchup.

    Sadly their still seems to be a problem with this one, #9.

    Hope you can fix it, thanks in advance 🙂

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