Geek Syndicate 69 – The Solo Syndicate

At long last, because you demanded it

Geek Syndicate 69 – The Solo Syndicate

See what happens when David is left to his own devices. Yes it’s the long awaited Solo Syndicate.

Be in awe at the news of technological advances he brings us

Join him in welcoming back new listeners and Dr Who fans with a song.

Thrill to his reviews of Jenna Jameson’s Shadow Hunter and Journeyman .

Contemplate the state of sci-fi in comics

And then

Join me in conversation with Emma Vieceli one of the UK’s rising stars in the world of manga. This was such an enjoyable conversation that it exceeded by far the 20m interview I had planned, which as you will see is not difficult. So join us as we explore the difference and similarities between comics and manga, music, a touch of gaming and much geekery.

Apologies for the dodgy quality but it was my first go.


Emma Vieceli

Dylan Dog

Direct Download

Hope you enjoy it


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