Comic Racks – Episode 5


Cover your ears and run for the hills as Stace and Iz swear and rant their way through a round-up of 2007. The Racks look at what they rate as the very best and very worst (and very disappointing) comic issues, comic series’, films, and TV of 2007. Also covered in depth are things on screen, stage, and print in 2008 that are making the girls a little bit over-excited.

Along the way Iz proves that senility can happen to the best of us, and reveals why she could possibly be the worst person to go to the cinema with, Stace loses her mind over a panda, and provides a mini musical interlude, showing why one half of a podcast should not be left to their own devices……plus both girls have RANTS a-plenty.

Stay tuned all the way through and hear about our awesome competition, a bit of good news and hear us get our contact details right for the very first time ever !!! Listen now!


One Response to “Comic Racks – Episode 5”

  1. Clarky Says:

    Liked the half shell podcast – my first and main contact with the turtles was this little piece of merchanise:

    The after the bomb stuff was cool and a naturual way the turtles universe could spin off.

    Keep up the good work


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