More Artists Sign on for UK Comics Convention!

The UK’s Birmingham International Comics Show (BICS) is delighted to announce even more guests for the eagerly-anticipated event taking place on October 13-14th at The Thinktank, Millennium Point in its city centre.

Once more one of the highlights at BICS for fans will be seeing Mike Collins, Dave Gibbons, Staz Johnson, and Garry Leach and others signing, sketching and taking active roles in BICS‘ lively and fun on-stage events.

Events for this year will take place in dedicated state-of-the-art conference halls within the Thinktank at Millennium Point. A final programme of events will be announced on the show’s dedicated website close to the show’s dates. Due to the show’s popularity and to avoid long queues booking in advance is advised.

Background Information on some of the Artists:

Michael Collins has written and drawn everyone’s favourite time lord for Dr Who Magazine, other high-profile licensed properties including Babylon 5, Star Trek and Harry Potter, countless more popular comics including The X-Men and Batman, and was the Judge Dredd newspaper cartoonist for several years.

Mark Farmer is one of the few British creators specialising as an inking artist, he is also one of the best in the world! From The Incredible Hulk to The Fantastic Four, through to The X-Men to The Justice League, each has felt his brush stroke.  He is currently inking The Clan Destine.

Dave Gibbons drew for 2000AD before America’s DC Comics snatched him up for Green Lantern. Deserved worldwide acclaim came with Watchmen and Give Me Liberty and in The Originals he redefined his creative vision as both an artist and writer. Find out what’s on his drawing board now at BICS 2007.

Staz Johnson was the Resident Superhero Expert on Channel 4’s Zero To Hero. His action-packed pencil art has featured in Robin, Batman-Aliens II, Spider-Man, Wolverine and Cable & Deadpool. He also currently draws online episodes of Heroes, the hit CBS American TV show.

Garry Leach produced the magnificent cover art that fronted Wildstorm’s recent Battler Britton comics and subsequent collection. He re-visualised Marvelman

for a modern audience, brought back Warpsmith as the publisher of A1, and inked Hitman for a long healthy run, and delivered dynamite artwork within 2000AD.

John McCrea was the artist who pencilled Hitman, and is doing so again for an imminent special featuring the JLA. From his early days on the groundbreaking  Troubled Souls within Crisis to his present tour of duty drawing The 99 for Kuwait’s Teshkeel, he has never shirked from portraying black humour and grim action.

Phil Winslade is adept at portraying female characters possessing powerful inner grace and outer beauty in books such as Goddess, Wonder Woman: Amazonia and Nevada. His Gotham City takes on a life of its own within Batman while his stint on Howard the Duck shows he knows not to take himself too seriously!

Additional Information:

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