Exclusive Hellboy Cover … For Limited Edition BICS 2007 Book!

Exclusive Hellboy Cover …

For Limited Edition BICS 2007 Book!


For the very best in show information the Birmingham International Comics Show Showguide will become a cherished souvenir. Alongside times and locations for the many events and competitions that will be taking place, there will be exclusive features about BICS’ guests and on comic companies celebrating anniversaries plus a very special Hellboy cover produced by BICS’ star guests from the USA, Mike Mignola and Kevin Nowlan.


To ensure this special convention book is even more special2 the organisers have foresworn selling the Showguide this year and again invested their money in the people they believe count the most – the fans! Once more produced to the highest quality, it will now be in a limited edition format to ensure those who book in advance have something unique that latecomers could possibly miss out on.

The Birmingham International Comics Show Showguide will become a rare collector’s classic, and so unique that few people will want to part with their copies for sale on e-bay!


Even more artists are signing on to attend Great Britain’s Birmingham International Comics Show (BICS) as word spreads among their peers that the popular artists who attended last year’s debut event are looking forward to returning to Birmingham on 13-14th October.


One of the highlights for BICS fans will be meeting their favourite artists to have comics signed and sketches drawn. Some of the artists prove so popular that there are often long queues. With that in mind, BICS requests fans respect that when the artists appear not to be on show-related business (like taking a lunch break) that they not be interrupted.

Many of the guests will be having their own private stands others may be taking positions at various publishers’ stands during the weekend. Plus of course, there are plenty of lively events and panel shows that artists will be involved with. Times and locations for these various activities can be found at the convention’s website. These may be subject to change and updated accordingly. Additionally BICS’ staff will be able to advise people, alongside appropriate signage being placed throughout the venue.


There has been a demand for family tickets from Americans and groups of fans are due in from Europe already alongside Great Britain’s hordes planning to gather for BICS 2007. Fans who don’t want to be disappointed are now advised to pre-book tickets at what is guaranteed to be a spectacular show!


Background Information on Some of the Artists:


Charlie Adlard has been stirring things up in recent years drawing The Walking Dead at Image while remaining busy and prolific elsewhere. One new project is Le Soufflé du Wendigo for French Soliel.

Doug Braithwaite brought Justice to the printed page at DC, and previously took on Earth X over at Marvel. His skilled draughtsmanship work has been featured at many companies in America and the UK.

Nigel Dobbyn has drawn Strontium Dogs, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Billy the Cat! His versatile charismatic art has been published within 2000AD and The Beano, in newspapers, magazines, and for licensing.

Gary Erskine earned his stripes illustrating Marvel UK’s Knights of Pendragon series. Notable recent works include Star Wars, The Filth and City of Silence.

Jon Haward has contributed to such diverse anthologies as 2000AD, Warhammer, the Frank Frazetta Quarterly and Negative Burn, was the main artist on the UK’s Spectacular Spider-Man comic   for several years and is currently adapting Shakespeare’s Macbeth for Classical Comics.
James Hodgkins has worked for DC’s licensing department developing Superman and   Batman scenarios and characters for anything from a Monopoly board game to a tin of
 baked beans! He has illustrated Batman comics, inked Daredevil and Spider-Man and is now publishing his own Lass Vegas
Dave Kendall paints book covers adorning horror and dark fantasy novels, he has also
 illustrated work for the comics 2000AD, Warhammer and Event Horizon among others.

Additional Information:


For BICS 2007 news & updates email: paulhbirch@yahoo.com


To order advance BICS 2007 tickets & visit: www.thecomicsshow.co.uk


For more information on Charlie Adlard visit: www.charlieadlard.com

For more information on Nigel Dobbyn visit: www.nigeldobbyn.com


For more information on Gary Erskine visit: www.garyerskine.demon.co.uk


For more information on Jon Haward visit: www.jonhawardart.com


For more information on Dave Kendall visit: www.rustybaby.com


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