Ever Wondered Why…Comics Make Blockbuster Movies?

Ever Wondered Why…
Comics Make Blockbuster Movies?


From Garfield to Batman comic book characters have a pedigree and a history that make them a tried and tested formula to become successful films.

Major movie stars including Nicholas Cage, Halle Berry, Sean Connery and Keanu Reeves now put their names forward to feature in silver screen sagas, confident that they will reach an eager audience. And when at the end of a movie, those screen credits roll on half as long as the actual film itself, consider for a moment that it might take a handful, or less, of creative individuals to deliver similarly exciting adventures on a regular monthly, or even weekly, basis.

On the 13-14th October some of the best of those writers, artists and editors will be congregating in England’s second city to appear at the Birmingham International Comics Show (BICS).

In a BICS exclusive Hellboy creator Mike Mignola jets in from the USA for a rare European visit, while Croatia’s Adi Granov will reveal what happened behind the scenes on the making of the new Iron Man film. Dave Gibbons will field questions about the constant rumours of a Watchmen movie, and there may even be an update on Gilbert Shelton’s The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers’ film! Alan Davis and Mike Carey lead the roll call of UK based X-Men creators, and Dr Who TV series scriptwriter Paul Cornell will talk about comics.

From Judge Dredd to The Beano, there will be comics and creators galore and from all around the globe. With talks, signings, competitions and much more besides… it promises to be a show to remember!

If you want to know what’s going to be the next League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Superman, The Crow or even The Incredibles, then The Birmingham International Comics Show is the only happening place to be!

Additional Information:

For BICS 2007 news & updates email: paulhbirch@yahoo.com

To order advance BICS 2007 ticket visit: www.thecomicsshow.co.uk


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