Eisner Award Nominees…Coming to BICS 2007

The prestigious Eisner Comic Book Awards take place in San Diego, USA, on Friday July 27th, and the Birmingham International Comics Show (BICS) is honoured that four of this year’s nominees have already confirmed that they will be also attending its own widely-anticipated event.The Eisners are considered the Oscars of the comic book industry and Mark Buckingham, D’Israeli, Ian Edginton and Sean Phillips form part of this year’s Brit-pack who are contenders for the American awards.

Mark Buckingham is nominated in the Best Penciller/Inker Team category, with Steve Leialoha, for the ongoing Fables: 1001 Nights of Snowfall in the Best Anthology category, both published by Vertigo/DC. comic book series, and as a contributor to

D’Israeli and Ian Edginton are nominated together in the Best Limited Series category for Scarlet Traces: The Great Game, published by Dark Horse. Edginton is also up for the highly coveted Best Writer category.

Sean Phillips is nominated, with Ed Brubaker, in the Best New Series category for Criminal, published by Marvel Icon.

Whatever the final results they are all winners and they will all be attending the Birmingham International Comics Show on October 13-14th at the Thinktank on Millennium Point.

Long queues for book signings and sketches are anticipated so ordering tickets in advance and arriving early for the show is now being advised!

Background Information:

Mark Buckingham flies in from Spain to attend the show. A former chairman of Britain’s Society of Strip Illustration, his credentials include 2000AD, Hellblazer, Spider-Man, Batman, and of course Fables for which he is nominated.

D’Israeli debuted within the pages of Deadline bringing a European sensibility and style to a very British magazine. Since then his art has featured within 2000AD, Batman, Grendel, The Sandman and Kingdom of the Wicked.

Ian Edginton is one of Birmingham’s own, and the city can take great pride that he has been nominated for two awards. Making his mark on high profile licensed books like Aliens and Terminator, he has also written for Batman and 2000AD.


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