Geek Syndicate – Episode 28 LOTM

At last, after a whole host of recording/editing problems, episode 28 is ready for consumption. We are joined by listener of the month Sam as we tackle such thorny issues Indy 4, Flash Gordon and news surrounding a potential Green Arrow movie. We also bask in the glory of planet Hulk before we bid a sad farewell to the epiphany that is Life on Mars. All of the dry slaps for this episode have been reserved for the Sci-Fi Channel and it’s scheduling fiasco with the Dresden File episodes.


Direct Download: Episode 28


2 Responses to “Geek Syndicate – Episode 28 LOTM”

  1. Dustin Says:

    Heard you guys on Comic Geeks Podcast, Life On Mars is broadcast in the United State on BBC America on Monday night.

  2. MAAT Says:

    Peace guys,
    MAAT here. Once again, a great show. Keep doing what you do. You guys seem to have more energy when you do the show alone. I am glad that you put other people on with you (I hope to be one of those one day) but your guests need to have the same energy level as you two or it doesn’t work as well. That is not a complaint, just an observation. Yes indeed, Brooklyn takes no prisoners! I am glad that you guys recognize our gangster! We have nothing but love for you guys and wish you ever growing listerership. We need to link up. I tell everyone about you guys and I hope that they are seeking you out. Take care and watch out for those ninjas!

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