Geek Syndicate – Episode 25 The Drunken Syndicate

Here we are at last our 25th episode. Unlike Captain America’s 25th issue I doubt we’re going to hit the mainstream media. So how do celebrate this milestone? Why by recording possibly our worst episode yet. The fault of this can be laid at the feet of former friend to the show….whisky. So prepare to cringe as we stumble our way through The Dresden Files, The Helmet of Fate, Dr strange the oath. We then give our post pub ramblings on the new 300 movie. Oh and then there’s the drunken singing,lots of drunken singing.
You have been warned…


Direct Download: Episode 25

Episode 25


One Response to “Geek Syndicate – Episode 25 The Drunken Syndicate”

  1. MAAT Says:

    Greetings guys,
    MAAT here from dafixer’s hideout. I appreciate your kind words about our podcast. Neither one of us (Dafixer and I) own an XBOX 360, but we would love to find a way to link up. We love the work that you guys do! We could do a podwars shared episode one of these days. It would be great! Thanks for the kind words! Take care! MAAT

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